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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 6: The Frog Prince

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 6: The Frog Prince

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Word List

  • abroad [əˈbrɔːd] adv.
    If someone goes or travels abroad, they go to another country.
    My brother wants to go abroad next year.
  • anger [ˈæŋgər] v.
    To anger someone is to make them mad.
    It angers me when people are rude.
  • bride [braɪd] n.
    A bride is a woman who is getting married or has just gotten married.
    The bride looked beautiful in her wedding dress.
  • brief [briːf] adj.
    If something is brief, it only lasts fora short time.
    The meeting this afternoon was very brief.
  • chase [tʃeɪs] v.
    To chase someone or something is to follow them in order to catch them.
    I was chased by an angry native.
  • disappoint [ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪnt] v.
    To disappoint is to make one feel sad or unsatisfied.
    I do not want to disappoint my family, so I try to do well at school.
  • dive [daɪv] v.
    To dive is to jump into water.
    I will dive into the lake once we get there.
  • exchange [ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ] v.
    To exchange means to give something for another thing in return.
    I exchanged my foreign money for American dollars.
  • favor [ˈfeɪvər] n.
    A favor is something you do for someone to help them.
    Can you do me a favor and turn off the lights?
  • fee [fiː] n.
    A fee is an amount of money that a person or company asks for a service.
    I had to pay an hourly fee to speak with my lawyer.
  • forever [fərˈevər] adv.
    If something lasts forever, it means it lasts for all time.
    The young couple promised that they would love each other forever.
  • guy [gaɪ] n.
    A guy is an informal way to call a man.
    The guy at the flower shop was really helpful today.
  • lovely [ˈlʌvlɪ] adj.
    If people or things are lovely, they are good-looking or beautiful.
    The trees look lovely in the fall.
  • mood [muːd] n.
    A mood is the way someone is feeling.
    I am in a good mood because I did well on my math test.
  • palace [ˈpælɪs] n.
    A palace is a very large building. It is often the home of a royal family.
    The king and queen live in a beautiful palace.
  • permit [pərˈmɪt] v.
    To permit something is to let someone do it.
    I was sick, so my mother permitted me to stay home from school.
  • protest [prəˈtest] v.
    To protest something is to argue about it with someone.
    The people protested the decision of the president.
  • sculpture [ˈskʌlptʃə:r] n.
    A sculpture is a piece of art that is made from wood, clay, or stone.
    We saw an old sculpture of Buddha at the museum.
  • tribe [traɪb] n.
    A tribe is a group of people who live in the same culture.
    There’s a small tribe of people who live in the mountains of Spain.
  • youth [juːθ] n.
    Youth is a time in people’s lives when they are young.
    My mother wanted to be a nurse in her youth.

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