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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 3: The Battle of Thermopylae

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 3: The Battle of Thermopylae

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Word List

  • arrow [ˈærəʊ] n.
    An arrow is a thin, straight stick shot from a bow.
    The arrow flew through the air and hit the target.
  • battle [ˈbætl] n.
    A battle is a fight between two armies during a war.
    The battle lasted for many days.
  • bow [bəʊ] n.
    A bow is a weapon made of curved wood and string that shoots arrows.
    He went hunting with a bow and arrow.
  • brave [breɪv] adj.
    When people are brave, they are not afraid to face pain or danger.
    The brave firefighter saved the girl from the burning building.
  • chief [tʃiːf] n.
    A chief is the leader of a group of people.
    The chief led the people through the mountains.
  • disadvantage [ˌdɪsədˈvæntɪdʒ] n.
    A disadvantage is a situation where someone is likely to lose.
    Mike had a disadvantage in the race since he hurt his knee.
  • enemy [ˈɛnəmɪ] n.
    An enemy is a country that is fighting another country during a war.
    The enemy prepared to attack the kingdom.
  • entrance [ˈentrəns] n.
    An entrance is a place where someone can enter an area.
    The gate was locked, so Bill had to find a different entrance.
  • hardly [ˈhɑːrdlɪ] adj.
    If something hardly happens, it almost does not happen at all.
    I hardly saw the concert since I had to leave early.
  • intend [ɪnˈtend] v.
    To intend to do something means to plan to do it.
    I intend to finish college in three years.
  • laughter [ˈlæftər] n.
    Laughter is the sound produced by laughing about something funny.
    Susan’s joke made her classmates burst into laughter.
  • log [lɒg] n.
    A log is a thick piece of wood that is cut from a tree.
    The fire was too small, so we added another log to it.
  • military [ˈmɪlɪtərɪ] n.
    The military is the armed forces of a country.
    I joined the military after I finished high school.
  • obey [oʊˈbeɪ] v.
    To obey means to follow what a law or a person says you must do.
    My little sister did not obey my mother. Now she is in trouble.
  • secure [sɪˈkjʊə:r] v.
    To secure something means to get it after a lot of effort.
    I was able to secure a good grade on my test after weeks of studying.
  • steady [ˈstedɪ] adj.
    When someone or something is steady, they are under control.
    The problem was hard but she remained steady and solved it.
  • trust [trʌst] v.
    To trust is to believe that someone is honest and will do what is right.
    I trust my friends; they don’t tell my secrets to other people.
  • twist [twɪst] v.
    To twist something is to wrap it around itself or another thing.
    She twisted the spaghetti around her fork.
  • unless [ənˈles] conj.
    Unless means if not or except when.
    Unless you clean your room, you cannot play with your friends.
  • weapon [ˈwepən] n.
    A weapon is an object that can be used to hurt people.
    Swords have been used as weapons for thousands of years.

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