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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 2: The Dragon

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 2: The Dragon

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Word List

  • bring [brɪŋ] v.
    To bring means to take someone or something to a person or place.
    Oscar will bring in all the boxes.
  • castle [ˈkæːsl] n.
    A castle is a building with strong walls where royalty usually lives.
    The castle was built many years ago.
  • command [kəˈmænd] v.
    To command someone is to tell them to do something.
    The general commanded his army to attack.
  • counsel [ˈkaʊnsəl] v.
    To counsel someone is to listen and give advice about a problem.
    The teacher counseled the girl about her troubles.
  • ensure [ɪnˈʃʊər]
    To ensure is to make certain that something happens.
    Eating good food ensures that we stay healthy.
  • explosion [ɪkˈsploʊ ʒən] n.
    An explosion is a violent burst, usually with a loud sound.
    A nuclear explosion can cause great damage.
  • jewelry [ˈdʒu:əlri]
    Jewelry is something that people wear like earrings or necklaces.
    The woman looked beautiful with her nice dress and jewelry.
  • land [lænd] v.
    To land means to come to the ground usually from a ship or aircraft.
    The parachutist landed safely on the ground.
  • meteor [ˈmiːtɪər] n.
    A meteor is a rock from outer space that falls to Earth.
    We saw a meteor in the sky last night.
  • monster [ˈmɒnstər]
    A monster is any imaginary frightening creature that looks strange.
    The monster scared everyone in the village.
  • northern [ˈnɔr:ðərn] adj.
    If something is northern, it is in the direction of north.
    It is much colder in northern countries than it is here.
  • remote [rɪˈmoʊt] adj.
    If something is remote, it is very far away and difficult to get to.
    It took many days to get to the remote
  • southern [ˈsʌðə:rn] adj.
    If something is southern, it is in the direction of the south.
    Taegu is located in the southern part of the Korean peninsula.
  • statue [ˈstætjuː] n.
    A statue is an image of a person or animal made of stone or metal.
    I saw a beautiful statue of a lion today.
  • steam [stiːm] n.
    Steam is water that has become hot and has turned into a misty gas.
    We could see the steam rise from the boiling water.
  • submit [səbˈmɪt] v.
    To submit to someone is to agree to do what they tell you to do.
    She submitted to her mother’s wishes and did her homework.
  • temple [ˈtempl] n.
    A temple is a building that is used for religious purposes.
    The people visited the temple to pray.
  • upper [ˈʌpər] adj.
    Upper means higher in position or place.
    A home’s attic is at the upper part of the structure.
  • weed [wiːd] n.
    A weed is a plant, especially one that is not useful or wanted.
    The yard of the house was full of ugly weeds.
  • wing [wɪŋ] n.
    A wing is the part of an animal that lets it fly.
    The bird used its wings to fly across the water.

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