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Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 – Lesson 18 MCQ Test

Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 - Lesson 18 MCQ Test

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Lesson 18 – In the park


catch a cold = get a cold; come down with a cold

He caught a cold last weekend.
My mother told me to always wear a hat so I wouldn’t catch a cold.
He walked home in the rain without an umbrella and caught a cold.

A: What’s wrong with you?
B: I caught a cold. Achoo!!

close call = almost be in danger; almost get hurt

That was a close call!
It was a close call, but we managed to keep the cat alive.
I had a close call crossing the street today. A car almost hit me!

A: The firefighters saved me just before the house blew up!
B: Wow! That was a close call!

do without = manage while lacking

Looks like we’ll have to do without rain again today.
She didn’t have money for a drink, so she did without one.
He couldn’t do without his cell phone, so he had to go home and get it.

A: I forgot to bring my hair dryer!
B: Don’t worry. I think you can do without it.

dry out = become dry after some time

Your plants will dry out if you don’t give them water.
The ground in the desert dries out very quickly after a heavy rain.
Hang that wet towel on the back of the chair so it will dry out.

A: What should we do with all these grapes?
B: Let’s dry them out and make raisins.

fool around = play; have fun

They always fool around when they should be studying.
“What are you kids doing out there?” “We’re just fooling around.”
Don’t fool around with matches. You could start a fire.

A: Why did Jimmy have to stay after school?
B: He was fooling around in class.

get nowhere with = not progress or succeed using something

I am getting nowhere with my homework.
I was getting nowhere with my project, so I took a break.
She got nowhere with the problem until a friend gave her an idea.

A: Do you need some help?
B: Yes, thanks! I am getting nowhere with this math problem!

hold back = make something stay in the same place

They had to hold him back.
We tried to hold back the flood, but there was too much water.
When she passed other people with dogs, she had to hold back her dog.

A: Did you shake hands with the president?
B: No. His body guards held back the crowd.

in time = before the limit of some time

He didn’t arrive in time to catch the bus.
We got to the theater in time to see the previews.
He ran, but he didn’t arrive in time to catch the train.

A: Did Amy miss her flight?
B: No, she got there just in time!

pay off = bring a good result

All that time at the gym really paid off.
I passed the test! All that extra studying paid off!
Private piano lessons are expensive. Do you think they will pay off?

A: Wow! You look great!
B: Thanks. Joining that health club really paid off.

succeed in = achieve the result on hopes for

He succeeded in getting the promotion.
The only way to succeed in medical school is to study day and night.
He succeeded in building a very successful company before he reached the age of thirty.

A: I don’t think I can succeed in math class.
B: Don’t worry. I’ll help you study!


One Halloween a pumpkin truck had an accident on a bridge. It was a close call, but the driver was not hurt. However, all the pumpkins fell into the river. That afternoon, my friend and I were down by the river fooling around. Suddenly we saw a pumpkin floating by. Then another one floated by. Then lots of them floated by! The pumpkins from the truck were floating down the river.

My friend and I tried to catch a pumpkin before they all floated away. My friend leaned out over the water while I held him back by his belt. We tried many times but the pumpkins were too far out from the shore.

“We are getting nowhere with this plan! Let’s go in the water and get them,” I said.

“Not me!” my friend said. “That water looks really cold!”

There were only a few more pumpkins coming down the river. I didn’t want to do without one of those pumpkins. Then I had an idea. I would trick my friend!

“Why don’t we try again with a stick!” I said. My friend took a stick and leaned out over the water again as I held him. At that moment, I let go of his belt and he fell into the river.

“I’m sorry! My hand slipped!” I shouted. My friend started to swim back to shore. “Hold onto some pumpkins,” I suggested. “It will be easier to swim.” My friend put two pumpkins under his arms and kicked back to shore. My plan paid off! We finally succeeded in getting some pumpkins!

We took the pumpkins back to his house. My friend changed clothes so he wouldn’t catch a cold and hung up his wet clothes to dry out before his mother got home. Then we planned how to carve our beautiful pumpkins in time for Halloween!

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