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Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 – Lesson 16 MCQ Test

Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 - Lesson 16 MCQ Test

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Lesson 16 – In the elevator


beats me = I don’t know

Beats me!
“Do you know who this book belongs to?” “Beats me.”
It beats me why anyone would want to live in Antarctica.

A: Where is Jim today?
B: Beats me.

date back to = come from the past time

The book dates back to the 19th century.
This painting dates back to the first century.
Some buildings in Europe date back several hundred years.

A: Professor, how old is that Viking ship?
B: It dates back to the 14th century.

have access to = have the ability to get; have permission to enter

You need to type in your password to have access to the file.
Only employees have access to this part of the factory.
You need his password to have access to his e-mail account.

A: This hotel room is very nice.
B: We also have access to the fitness center.

lead the way = walk first to show the way

Maybe you should lead the way.
She led the way to the mansion’s dining room.
If you follow me, I will lead the way to a brighter future!

A: I am afraid to go into that dark building!
B: Don’t worry. I’ll lead the way.

let down = sad; disappointed

You really let me down.
I was let down by the second movie in the series. The first one was so good!
Please don’t let me down. I am counting on you.

A: I can’t believe that your girlfriend forgot your birthday!
B: Yeah. I feel really let down.

might as well = may as well; why not?

My next class doesn’t begin for 45 minutes. I might as well do some studying.
might as well go with you. I have nothing else to do.
Nobody is going to eat the rest of the cake. You might as well throw it out.

A: The movie doesn’t start for another 10 minutes.
B: We might as well get some popcorn while we’re waiting.

not at all = not in any way

Do you mind? No, not at all.
The peppers were not spicy at all.
“Would you mind giving me a ride home?” “Not at all.”

A: Do you think this dress is ugly?
B: Not at all!

put out = extinguish a flame or fire

Don’t forget to put out the fire before you go to sleep.
The fire fighters put out the fire before it spread to other houses.
Be sure to put out the candles before you leave.

A: Sir, please put out your cigarette.
B: Sorry. I didn’t know this was a non-smoking area.

stand out = be very noticeable

He really stands out!
With that green hair, she really stands out in the crowd. The white puppy stands out among the black ones.

A: Was it easy to find the house?
B: Yeah. The pink paint really makes it stand out!

think over = consider before deciding

He have to carefully think over his next move.
Take some time to think over my suggestions.
She thought over the offer from her boss for several days.

A: Have you decided what to order?
B: No. I need more time to think it over.


A man and his wife were on a short business trip to China. They had some free time one afternoon and thought they might as well see some sights. They signed up for a tour of a local temple. When they arrived, a monk came up to greet them. He told them that they would have access to special places in the temple. The couple hoped they would see some beautiful things and they were not let down.

The monk led the way to a small building. It was very dark inside. Then the monk lit a candle. Inside there were many rare paintings and sculptures. The gold statues really stood out. The monk said that many of them dated back to the twelfth century. The monk put out the candle and they went outside again. After he shut the door, the monk asked, “Would you do us a favor? Would you write something in English for our future visitors?”

Of course, the couple did not have to think over the monk’s request.

Not at all,” the diplomat’s wife said. “It will be our pleasure.”

The monk quickly ran off to find something for the couple to write on.

“Any idea what he wants us to write?” asked the wife.

Beats me,” her husband said.

Finally the monk came back with two pieces of wood.

The monk said, “Could you write the word ‘ladies’ on this piece of wood and ‘gentlemen’ on the other piece?”

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