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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 1: The Twelve Months

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 1: The Twelve Months

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Word List

  • anxious [ˈӕŋkʃəs] adj. 

When a person is anxious, they worry that something bad will happen.

 She was anxious about not making her appointment on time.

  • awful [ˈɔːfəl] adj. 

When something is awful, it is very bad.

 Her performance last night was awful.

  • consist [kənˈsɪst] v. 

To consist of is to be made of parts or things.

 Today’s choices for lunch consisted of pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

  • desire [dɪˈzaɪər] v. 

To desire is to want something.

 My sister desires a big house and lots of money.

  • eager [ˈiːɡər] adj. 

When a person is eager about something, they are excited about it.

 The man was eager to talk about the good news.

  • household [ˈhaʊshəʊld] n. 

household is all the people who live in one house.

 Our household is made up of my father, my mother and me.

  • intent [ɪnˈtent] n. 

An intent is a plan to do something.

 Her intent is to visit Italy next summer.

  • landscape [ˈlænskeɪp] n. 

landscape is how an area of land looks.

 The landscape of the country is very green.

  • lift [lɪft] v. 

To lift something is to move it higher.

 The man tried to lift the box.

  • load [loud] v. 

To load is to put objects into something.

 The man loaded the boxes into a truck.

  • lung [lʌŋ] n. 

lung is the organ in the body that fills with air when breathing.

 Having strong lungs is necessary for a healthy life.

  • motion [ˈməʊʃən] n. 

motion is a movement that someone makes.

 The police officer made a motion with his hand.

  • pace [ˈpeɪs] n. 

The pace of something is the speed at which it happens.

 I ran the race at a slower pace than my friend.

  • polite [pəˈlaɪt] adj. 

When someone is polite, they are acting in a thoughtful way.

 The boy was very polite: he behaved very thoughtfully.

  • possess [pəˈzes] v. 

To possess something is to have it or own it.

 My uncle possesses three sheep, a chicken, a cow and a dog.

  • rapidly ˈræpɪdlɪ] adv. 

When something happens rapidly, it happens very fast.

 The train moved rapidly on the tracks.

  • remark [rɪˈmɑːrk] v. 

To remark is to say something.

 The teacher remarked on how quickly the students were learning.

  • seek [siːk] v. 

To seek is to look for something.

 If I have a problem, I seek my sister’s advice.

  • shine [ʃaɪn] v. 

To shine is to make a bright light.

 The candles are shining in the dark room.

  • spill [spɪl] v. 

To spill is to have something fall out of its container.

 I spilled the coffee on the table.

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