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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 5: Trick-or-treat!

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 5: Trick-or-treat!

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Word List

  • acquaint [əˈkweɪnt] v. 

To acquaint is to get to know something or someone.

 Nancy acquainted herself with the new computer.

  • cemetery [ˈseməteri] n. 

cemetery is where people are buried when they die.

 Some people are scared of cemeteries.

  • curse [kə:rs] v. 

To curse someone or something is to hope that bad things happen to them.

 The witch cursed the village.

  • disguise [dɪsˈgaɪz] n. 

disguise is something you wear so people cannot tell who you are.

 Everyone knew that it was Dad in the Santa disguise.

  • fancy [ˈfænsɪ] adj. 

If something is fancy, it is nicer than normal.

 Their table was all set for a fancy dinner.

  • flashlight [ˈflæʃlaɪt] n. 

flashlight is a small electric light that you carry in your hand.

 We took a flashlight when we went camping.

  • hood [hʊd] n. 

hood is part of a coat that goes over your head.

 She put on her hood to keep her head warm.

  • inhabitant [ɪnˈhæbətənt] n. 

An inhabitant is a person who lives in a certain place.

 The number of inhabitants in the countryside is increasing.

  • nourish [ˈnə:rɪʃ] v. 

To nourish something is to give it food that it needs to live.

 A good mother will nourish her baby every day.

  • pirate [ˈpaɪərət] n. 

pirate is a sailor who steals things from other boats.

 Pirates are very scary characters.

  • publication [ˌpʌbləˈkeɪʃən] n. 

publication is something printed, like a newspaper or book.

 She’s been a subscriber to that publication for over ten years.

  • riddle [ˈrɪdl] n. 

riddle is a question that is difficult to answer but meant to be funny.

 I could not answer Wendy’s riddle, but it made me laugh.

  • rot [rɒt] n. 

When something rots, it slowly gets softer and is destroyed.

 The old log began to rot in the forest.

  • scare [ˈskɛə:r] v. 

To scare means to cause one to feel frightened.

 I was scared by the sight of the monster.

  • shortly [ˈʃɔːrtlɪ] adv. 

If something will happen shortly, it will happen very soon.

 My workday will end shortly.

  • skeleton [ˈskelətn] n. 

skeleton is the bones of a body.

 There is a skeleton in the science classroom.

  • spoil [spɔɪl] v. 

If something spoils, it turns bad or rots.

 We left the fruit out too long, and it spoiled.

  • starve [stɑːrv] v. 

If a person starves, they do not get enough to eat and sometimes die.

 During the war, many people starved.

  • thrill [θrɪl] n. 

thrill is an exciting feeling.

 The boys enjoy the thrill of surfing a big wave.

  • wicked [ˈwɪkɪd] adj. 

If something is wicked, it is very bad or evil.

 My boss is a very wicked man.

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