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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 4: Tiny Tina

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 4: Tiny Tina

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Word List

  • bloom [bluːm] v. 

When a plant blooms, it makes flowers.

 Roses look so pretty when they bloom.

  • compact [kəmˈpækt] adj. 

If something is compact, it is smaller than normal.

 A laptop computer is much more compact than a desktop model.

  • curl [kɜːrl] n. 

curl is a small piece of something with a round shape.

 The colorful ribbons were bent into curls.

  • decay [dɪˈkeɪ] v. 

To decay is to be destroyed naturally.

 The old wooden house was slowly decaying.

  • dessert [diˈzəːrt] n. 

Dessert is a sweet food that you eat after a meal.

 Kayla wants ice cream for dessert.

  • dip [dip] v. 

To dip something is to put part of it into a liquid for a short time.

 Laurel dipped her strawberry into the chocolate.

  • distant [ˈdɪstənt] adj. 

If something is distant, it is far away.

 Michael could barely see the distant island.

  • eclipse [ɪˈklɪps] n. 

An eclipse is an occasion when the moon moves in front of the sun.

 A complete eclipse of the sun is a very rare occurrence.

  • fairy [ˈfɛərɪ] n. 

fairy is a small, magic creature with wings.

 There are usually fairies in fantasy stories.

  • grace [greɪs] n. 

Grace is a quality of moving in a smooth, relaxed and attractive way.

 The ballerina danced with grace.

  • leisure [ˈliːʒə:r] n. 

Leisure is time when you do not have to do work.

 Eve likes to listen to music in her leisure time.

  • mankind [mænˈkaɪnd] n. 

Mankind is all of the world’s people.

 All of mankind has to work to make this a better world.

  • passion [ˈpæʃən] n. 

Passion is a very strong feeling of wanting to do something.

 She had a passion for dancing.

  • pillow [ˈpɪlou] n. 

pillow is something that you put your head on when you sleep.

 When I travel, I usually take along my favorite pillow.

  • pulse [pʌls] n. 

pulse is the beat of the heart.

 The doctor checked the patient’s pulse by feeling his wrist.

  • refresh [rɪˈfreʃ] v. 

To refresh someone is to make them feel less hot or tired.

 The baby was refreshed after taking a cool bath.

  • sneeze [sniːz] v. 

To sneeze is to suddenly blow air out of your nose and mouth.

 He sneezed after smelling the flower.

  • spice [spaɪs] n. 

spice is a flavor for food and drinks.

 Two common spices found in many homes are salt and pepper.

  • whistle [hwɪsəl] v. 

To whistle is to make a sound by putting your lips together and blowing.

 Ashe was listening to music, Daryl whistled.

  • wool [wʊl] n. 

Wool is the hair that a sheep has.

 Grandma wants to use the blue wool to knit me a sweater.

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