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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 1: The Real St. Nick

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 1: The Real St. Nick

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Word List

  • arise [əˈraɪz] v. 

To arise is to happen.

 Difficulties arose with his computer because it was old.

  • benefactor [ˈbenəfӕktər] n. 

benefactor is a person who gives money to help someone.

 The student’s benefactor gave him money to spend on his studies.

  • blacksmith [ˈblæksmɪθ] n. 

blacksmith is a person who makes things out of metal.

 The blacksmith pounded the piece of metal until it was flat.

  • charitable [ˈtʃærətəbəl] adj. 

When someone is charitable, they help people who are in need.

 My sister was charitable enough to help me buy my first house.

  • chimney [ˈtʃɪmnɪ] n. 

chimney is a tall pipe used to carry smoke out of a building.

 The cat was on the roof sitting next to the chimney.

  • compensate [ˈkɒmpənseɪt] v. 

To compensate is to pay someone for the time they spent doing something.

 Her boss compensated her for the extra work she did last week.

  • encounter [ɪnˈkaʊntər] v. 

If you encounter something, you meet or come close to it.

 I encountered a sea turtle while I was swimming.

  • exceed [ɪkˈsiːd] v. 

To exceed is to be more than something.

 Since I exceeded my limit, I decided to get rid of my credit cards.

  • forge [fɔːrdʒ] v. 

To forge is to make or produce, especially with difficulty.

 Stacy and Heather forged their friendship when they were teenagers.

  • humble [ˈhʌmbl] adj. 

People who are humble do not believe that they are better than other people.

 Even though Bob is the smartest boy in his class, he is humble.

  • iron [ˈaɪərn] n. 

Iron is a strong metal that is used to make many objects.

 The horse had shoes made of iron.

  • ladder [ˈlædə:r] n. 

ladder is an object that is used to climb up and down things.

 He used a ladder to climb to the top of his tree house.

  • modest [ˈmɒdɪst] adj. 

If people are modest, they do not think that they are too important.

 Derek is very modest for someone who is so rich.

  • occupy [ˈɒkjəpaɪ] v. 

To occupy a place is to live, work, or be there.

 Kevin and Alice occupied the chairs and had a long discussion.

  • penny [ˈpenɪ] n. 

penny is a coin worth one cent.

 U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is on the penny.

  • preach [priːtʃ] v. 

To preach is to talk about and promote a religious idea.

 Aaron often preached about living an honest life.

  • prosper [ˈprɒspər] v. 

To prosper is to be successful or make a lot of money.

 Frank’s new business finally prospered after many years of hard work.

  • province [ˈprɒvɪns] n. 

province is a small area that is controlled by a country.

 Canada is divided into several different provinces.

  • satisfaction [ˌsætɪsˈfækʃən] n. 

Satisfaction is a feeling you get when you do or receive something good.

 Brad was filled with satisfaction when he saw what was for dinner.

  • sustain [səsˈteɪn] v. 

To sustain something is to keep it going.

 Wind power is a clean way to sustain a city with energy.

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