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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 29: Osiris and the Nile

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 29: Osiris and the Nile

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Word List

  • abstract [ˈæbstrækt] adj.
    If ideas are abstract, they are based on general ways of thinking.
    The idea of beauty is abstract and changes over time.
  • annual [ˈænjʊəl] adj.
    If something is annual, it happens once a year.
    The only time I see my aunts and uncles is at our annual family picnic.
  • clay [kleɪ] n.
    Clay is a type of heavy, wet soil used to make pots.
    She made a bowl out of the clay.
  • cloth [klɔ(:)θ] n.
    Cloth is material used to make cloth
    His shirt is made of a very soft type of cloth.
  • curtain [ˈkəːrtən] n.
    A curtain is a cloth hung over a window or used to divide a room.
    She opened the curtains to let light into the room.
  • deserve [dɪˈzəːrv] v.
    To deserve is to be worthy of something as a result of one’s actions.
    The dog deserved a bone for behaving very well.
  • feather [ˈfeðər] n.
    Feathers are the things covering birds’ bodies.
    That bird has orange feathers on its chest.
  • fertile [ˈfəːrtl] adj.
    If land is fertile, it is able to produce good crops and plants.
    The farmer grew many vegetables in the fertile
  • flood [flʌd] n.
    A flood is an event in which water covers an area which is usually dry.
    After three days of rain, there was a flood in the city.
  • furniture [ˈfəːrnɪtʃə:r] n.
    Furniture is the things used in a house such as tables and chairs.
    His living room only had a few simple pieces of furniture.
  • grave [greɪv] n.
    A grave is the place where a dead person is buried.
    We visit our grandfather’s grave each year.
  • ideal [aɪˈdɪ:əl] adj.
    If something is ideal, it is the best that it can possibly be.
    This house is an ideal place for my family. It has everything we need.
  • intelligence [ɪnˈtelədʒəns] n.
    Intelligence is the ability to learn and understand things.
    Because of his high intelligence, he finished school early.
  • nowadays [ˈnaʊədeɪz] adv.
    If something happens nowadays, it happens at the present time.
    In the past people walked everywhere. Nowadays, they use cars.
  • obtain [əbˈteɪn] v.
    To obtain is to get something you want or need.
    After I passed the test, I obtained my driver’s license.
  • religious [rɪˈlɪdʒəs] adj.
    When something is religious, it has to do with religion.
    The holy man spoke about religious
  • romantic [roʊˈmæntɪk] adj.
    When something is romantic, it has to do with love.
    The young couple went to see a romantic
  • shell [ʃel] n.
    A shell is a hard covering that protects the body of some sea creatures.
    There were many pretty shells on the beach.
  • shore [ʃɔːr] n.
    A shore is the edge of a large body of water.
    All of the boats were floating near the shore.
  • wheel [wi:l] n.
    A wheel is a round thing on a vehicle that turns when it moves.
    A car has four wheels.

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