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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 28: The Fisherman

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 28: The Fisherman

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Word List

  • accompany [əˈkʌmpənɪ] v.
    To accompany other people means to join them or go with them.
    My brothers accompanied me to the movie.
  • bare [bɛər] adj.
    When something is bare, it is plain. It has no covering.
    He likes to walk around in his bare
  • branch [bræntʃ] n.
    A branch is the part of a tree with leaves.
    The monkey was hanging from a branch on the tree.
  • breath [breθ] n.
    A breath is the air that goes into and out of one’s lungs.
    You can’t take a breath under water.
  • bridge [brɪdʒ] n.
    A bridge is something that is built over a river so people can cross it.
    The old bridge fell into the river.
  • cast [kæst] v.
    To cast something means to throw it.
    The fisherman cast his line into the water.
  • dare [dɛər] v.
    To dare means to be brave enough to try something.
    He dared to jump out of the airplane and skydive.
  • electronic [ɪlekˈtrɒnɪk] adj.
    When something is electronic, it uses electricity to do something.
    I like having electronic devices such as an MP3 player.
  • inn [ɪn] n.
    An inn is a place where travelers can rest and eat.
    The visitor got a room at the inn.
  • net [net] n.
    A net is a bag made of strong thread. It is used to catch animals.
    The boy caught butterflies in his net.
  • philosophy [fɪˈlɒsəfɪ] n.
    A philosophy is a way to think about truth and life.
    My philosophy is “live and let live. ”
  • pot [pɒt] n.
    A pot is a deep, round metal container used for cooking.
    Don’t touch the pot on the stove. It’s hot.
  • seed [siːd] n.
    A seed is the hard part of a plant or fruit that trees grow from.
    I planted the seed in the dirt hoping that it would grow into a tree.
  • sharp [ʃɑːrp] adj.
    When something is sharp, it has a thin edge that cuts things easily.
    That knife is very sharp. Be careful not to hurt yourself.
  • sort [sɔːrt] n.
    A sort of something is a type of it.
    What sort of instrument do you want to learn to play?
  • subtract [səbˈtrækt] v.
    To subtract means to take something away.
    We learned how to subtract numbers from each other in class.
  • tight [taɪt] adj.
    When something is tight, it is fixed or fastened firmly in place.
    The knots were too tight to untie.
  • virtual [ˈvəːrtʃuəl] adj.
    If something is virtual, then it is very close to being true or accurate.
    Because he’s popular, Joe is the virtual leader of the group.
  • weigh [weɪ] v.
    To weigh something means to see how heavy it is.
    The little dog weighed exactly 3kgs.
  • whisper [ˈwɪspə:r] v.
    To whisper means to say very quietly.
    We have to whisper in the library so people can focus on reading.

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