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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 26: The Two Captains

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 26: The Two Captains

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Word List

  • accuse [əˈkjuːz] v.
    To accuse someone of something is to blame them for doing it.
    She accused her brother of breaking her computer.
  • adjust [əˈdʒʌst] v.
    To adjust something means to change it so it is better.
    He adjusted the old guitar to make it sound better.
  • amuse [əˈmjuːz] v.
    To amuse someone means to do something that is funny or entertaining.
    The singer was very good. She amused the crowd.
  • coral [ˈkɒ:rəl] n.
    Coral is the hard, colorful material formed by the shells of animals.
    The diver admired the beautiful coral under the water.
  • cotton [ˈkɒtn] n.
    Cotton is a cloth made from the fibers of the cotton
    I like to wear clothes made from cotton in the summer.
  • crash [kræʃ] v.
    To crash means to hit and break something.
    There was a loud noise when the car crashed into the tree.
  • deck [dek] n.
    A deck is a wooden floor built outside of a house or the floor of a ship.
    A ship will store many supplies below its deck.
  • engage [enˈgeɪdʒ] v.
    To engage in something means to do it.
    Dad was engaged in sawing a piece of wood in half.
  • firm [fə:rm] adj.
    When something is firm, it is solid but not too hard.
    He sleeps better on a firm
  • fuel [fjʊ:əl] n.
    Fuel is something that creates heat or energy.
    Heat is the fuel that comes from fire.
  • grand [grænd] adj.
    When something is grand, it is big and liked by people.
    The grand mountain rose high into the sky.
  • hurricane [ˈhə:rəkein] n.
    A hurricane is a bad storm that happens over the ocean.
    The wind from the hurricane bent the palm tree.
  • loss [lɒ(:)s] n.
    A loss means the act or an instance of losing something.
    I suffered a big loss while I was gambling.
  • plain [pleɪn] adj.
    If something is simple, it is plain and not decorated.
    He bought a pair of plain white shoes over the weekend.
  • reef [riːf] n.
    A reef is a group of rocks or coral that rise to or near the ocean.
    He walked along the reef and looked at the water below.
  • shut [ʃʌt] v.
    To shut something means to close it tightly.
    Please shut the door; the air outside is cold.
  • strict [strɪkt] adj.
    When someone is strict, they make sure others follow rules.
    The teacher is strict. She does not let students talk in class.
  • surf [səːrf] v.
    To surf means to use a special board to ride on waves in the ocean.
    The students went to the beach to surf during their vacation.
  • task [tæsk] n.
    A task is a piece of work to be done that is usually difficult.
    My task for the weekend was to clean the entire backyard.
  • zone [zoun] n.
    A zone is an area that has different qualities from the ones around it.
    Firefighters often work in danger zones.

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