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4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 8: How the Sun and the Moon Were Made

4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 8: How the Sun and the Moon Were Made

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Word List

  • accept [əkˈsɛpt] v. 

To accept something that is offered is to take it.

 I accepted the girl’s very nice gift.

  • arrange [əˈreɪn(d)ʒ] v. 

To arrange things is to put them in the right place.

 Please arrange the bowling pins in order so we can play.

  • attend [əˈtɛnd] v. 

To attend something is to go to it.

 My sister and I attend the same school.

  • balance [ˈbal(ə)ns] v. 

To balance something is to keep it from falling.

 We saw an elephant balance itself on a ball.

  • contrast [kənˈtrɑːst] n 

contrast is the sharp difference between two things.

 The contrast between my parents is very noticeable.

  • encourage [ɪnˈkʌrɪdʒ] v. 

To encourage someone is to make them want to do something.

 My football coach will encourage us when we are losing.

  • familiar [fəˈmɪlɪə] adj. 

If someone or something is familiar to you, you know them well.

 The two friends were very familiar with each other.

  • grab [ɡrab] v. 

To grab is to take a hold of someone or something suddenly.

 I grabbed a pear from the tree.

  • hang [haŋ] v. 

To hang something is to keep it above the ground.

 I drew a picture of my family, and my mother hung it on the wall.

  • huge [hjuːdʒ] adj. 

If something is huge, it is very big.

 At work, my father drives a huge truck.

  • necessary [ˈnɛsəs(ə)ri] adj. 

If something is necessary, you must do it.

 It is necessary to have a passport when you travel to a foreign country.

  • pattern [ˈpat(ə)n] n. 

pattern is a way in which something is done or organized.

 My pattern of brushing my teeth is the same as most people’s.

  • propose [prəˈpəʊz] v. 

To propose something is to say that it should be done.

 Santa Claus proposed that I try to be a good boy all year.

  • purpose [ˈpəːpəs] n. 

purpose is the reason that you do something.

 The purpose of exercising is to get into shape.

  • release [rɪˈliːs] v. 

To release something is to stop holding it.

 She released the bird from her hands.

  • require [rɪˈkwʌɪə] v. 

To require something is to say that it is necessary.

 We require teachers to have a university degree.

  • single [ˈsɪŋɡ(ə)l] adj. 

If something is single, then there is only one.

 I have a single key in my hand.

  • success [səkˈsɛs] n. 

Success is doing something well that you choose to do.

 My daughter was a big success at school.

  • tear [tɪə] v. 

To tear something means to pull it apart.

 It is easy to tear paper.

  • theory [ˈθɪəri] n. 

theory is an idea about how something works.

 We talked about Einstein’s theory of relativity in class.

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