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4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 9: The Starfish

4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 9: The Starfish

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Word List

  • against [əˈɡeɪnst] prep. 

To be against something is to be touching it or opposed to it.

 They both leaned against the wall.

  • beach [biːtʃ] n. 

The beach is a sandy or rocky place by the ocean.

 The little girl built a sandcastle on the beach.

  • damage [ˈdamɪdʒ] v. 

To damage something is to break it.

 The car was damaged in the accident.

  • discover [dɪˈskʌvə] v. 

To discover something is to find it for the first time.

 I discovered some new information in this book!

  • emotion [ɪˈməʊʃ(ə)n] n. 

An emotion is how you feel.

 Anger is a common emotion that we all feel.

  • fix [fɪks] v. 

To fix something is to make it work.

 My dad has many tools to help him fix broken things.

  • frank [fraŋk] adj. 

If you are frank, you are being very honest.

 The teacher had a frank discussion with her students.

  • identify [ʌɪˈdɛntɪfʌɪ] v. 

To identify something is to be able to name it.

 I used the file to identify his name.

  • island [ˈʌɪlənd] n. 

An island is a land in the middle of water.

 Japan is a group of islands.

  • ocean [ˈəʊʃ(ə)n] n. 

The ocean is all of the salt water that surrounds land.

 The ocean can make powerful waves.

  • perhaps [pəˈhaps] adv. 

Perhaps is used when you say that something could happen.

 Perhaps I will eat an apple for lunch.

  • pleasant [ˈplɛz(ə)nt] adj. 

If something is pleasant, you enjoy it.

 The character had a pleasant look on its face.

  • prevent [prɪˈvɛnt] v. 

To prevent something is to stop it from happening.

 The handcuffs prevented me from moving my hands.

  • rock [rɒk] n. 

rock is a hard thing in the dirt.

 I stacked rocks on top of one another.

  • save [seɪv] v. 

To save something is to keep it from being hurt.

 I want to help save the world.

  • step [stɛp] v. 

To step is to walk.

 Be careful where you step.

  • still [stɪl] adv. 

Still is used when you say that a situation keeps going on.

 They are still waiting in line to get tickets.

  • taste [teɪst] n. 

taste is the flavor something makes in your mouth.

 The taste of the fruit was sweet.

  • throw [θrəʊ] v. 

To throw something is to use your hand to make it go through the air.

 The pitcher can throw the baseball very fast.

  • wave [weɪv] n. 

wave is a line of water that moves higher than the rest of the water.

 The water was filled with large blue waves.

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