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Barron’s 1100 Words You Need to Know (MCQ Test + PDF) Week 45 – Day 2

Barron's 1100 Words You Need to Know (MCQ Test + PDF) Week 45 - Day 2

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  • raconteur [rak´ on tėr´] 

“As a popular raconteur, George Jessel was prized as a speaker at award ceremonies.” The Hollywood Reporter, 7/18/96

  • sullen [sul´ ən] 

“My decision to leave put her into a sullen silence, broken only by a mumble under her breath.” Alan Lelchuk, “American Mischief”

  • rift [rift] 

“The 1993 tear gas assault on the Branch Dividian cult has created a rift between the FBI and the Attorney General’s office.” Associated Press report, “FBI Video Released,” Newsday, 9/3/99

  • emissary [em´ ə ser´ ē] 

“The mayor sent an emissary to the striking teachers in the hope of starting negotiations.” Jewell Bellush and Dick Netzer, Urban Politics

  • ruminate [rü´ mə nāt] 

“Lou Gehrig, the great N.Y. Yankee star, ruminated on his career as he left because of an incurable illness: ‘I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.’ ” Speech, 7/4/39


the die is cast—an unchangeable decision has been made

The fat was in the fire* and the die was cast when he decided to tell the white lie about how he had found the money.

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