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More Speak English Like an American Lesson 11 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

More Speak English Like an American Lesson 11 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

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Lesson 11: Gourmet International Talks Strategy


Mark shares the news about Grand Foods’ plans. Ron likes their idea of packaging the food in meal kits and says their company should do the same.

Ron: Mark, let’s get this meeting underway with your news.

Mark: Grand Foods is buying Fu Dong foods, a food company in China, and introducing two new products: Moo Shu Port and Princess Chicken.

Steve: How will they be packaged?

Mark: In meal kits.

Sara: Those kits for wannabe cooks where the ingredients come in separate pouches* and then you put them all together?

Ron: Yes, it makes people feel like they’re actually cooking from scratch. It’s a great concept.

Mark: When I suggested we come out with meal kits last year, you said it was a bad idea. Now you think they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Ron: In all honesty, I don’t remember talking about meal kits with you last year.

Steve: It seems to me these meal kits are just the ticket for today’s time-crunched consumer!

Ron: Let’s get cracking on our own meal kits. If we act fast, maybe we can get our meal kits out before Grand Foods’ hit the shelves.

Steve: It would be great to beat them to the punch!

Ron: We should set up a meeting with Jeff Torres. He’s our go-to guy for new products.

Sara: We’d better get manufacturing in the loop, too.

Ron: Right. We also need more information one Grand Foods is planning. Mark, get right on that!


  • (to) get something underway

 to begin something; to get started

Example: We’re losing sales. Let’s get the new ad campaign underway immediately.
Example: The global economic conference got underway today in Washington.

  • Wannabe (slang)

 someone who tries to fit a role; imitating the behavior of a certain role or person

Example: Ellen’s son plays the guitar and sings for hours every night. He’s a wannabe rock star.

  • from scratch

 from all original ingredients; from the beginning

Example: Have a muffin. I baked them from scratch.
Example: Brandon threw out the college essay he was working on and started a new one from scratch.

  • (to) come out with

 to release (as in a product or service)

Example: Levi’s has come out with a new line of “eco jeans” made from organic cotton.

  • greatest thing since sliced bread

 a fantastic product; something or someone very exciting or useful

Example: Jacob loves his new iPod. He thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Note: This expression refers to the convenience of buying bread pre-sliced rather than having to slice the loaf yourself at home. This was considered an exciting new product when it was first available in the USA in 1928.

  • in all honesty

 to tell you the truth; to speak openly

Example: Some people liked Bob’s speech, but in all honesty, I thought it was too long.

  • just the ticket

 exactly what is needed

Example: Dennis just retired and is looking for something to do with his free time. Doing volunteer work may be just the ticket.

  • time-crunched

 not having much time

Example: Laura is so time-crunched, she doesn’t have time to go to the mall anymore. She buys all of her clothes online.

  • (to) get cracking

 to get started

Example: “I’m having 12 people over for dinner tonight, and I haven’t started cooking yet.” – “You’d better get cracking!”

  • (to) hit the shelves

 to be released; to be available for purchase

Example: Do you know when Sheryl Crow’s new CD is going to hit the shelves?

  • (to) beat someone to the punch

 to do something before someone else has a chance

Example: I was going to give you the details of our new advertising campaign, but Heather beat me to the punch.

  • go-to guy

 the person everyone goes to for a specific matter

Example: Your computer isn’t working? Call Boris. He’s our go-to guy for technology problems.
Note: The female equivalent is the “go-to gal.”

  • in the loop

 informed; having the most up-to-date information

Example: Our company is starting an online newsletter to keep our customers in the loop about our new products.

  • (to) get right on (that or it)

 to start working on something immediately

Example: You need that report by tomorrow morning? I’ll get right on that!

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