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More Speak English Like an American Lesson 12 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

More Speak English Like an American Lesson 12 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

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Lesson 12: Ron and Mark Discuss Plan B


When Ron finds out that Mark can’t get any more information from Cindy, he tells Mark he’s sending him to China to research Fu Dong Foods, the company Grand Foods is buying. Ron says he’s sending Sara with him. Mark tries to tell Ron that’s a bad idea since he and Sara aren’t speaking, but Ron insists.

Ron: Mark, are you making any headway getting information out of your girlfriend?

Mark: You mean my ex-girlfriend? No, I’m not making any progress. I’m at a dead end.

Ron: Let’s go with plan B then. I’m sending you and Sara off to China on Monday to research Fu Dong Foods.

Mark: I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I’m in the doghouse with Sara right now.

Ron: You need to stop dating women from the office. I thought you learned your lesson after dating Monica and Mindy.

Mark: I’m turning over a new leaf. No more office romances.

Ron: So why is Sara mad at you?

Mark: Because I had to break my date with her last Saturday so I could go out with Cindy.

Ron: So you broke one little date with her. She’s holding that against you?

Mark: Yes, because some busybody told her that I was out with another woman on Saturday night.

Ron: Well, this trip should give you plenty of time to patch things up with Sara.

Mark: She’s giving me the silent treatment. I don’t think we should travel together right now. We should wait until this blows over.

Ron: I’m sending you to on a business trip – not a honeymoon*!

* honeymoon – a vacation taken by newly-married couples after their wedding ceremony


  • (to) make headway

 to make progress

Example: Firefighters in California are making headway putting out the wildfires.

  • dead end

 when no more progress can be made

Example: Unfortunately, we’re at a dead end in our negotiations to buy the Indian software company.

  • Plan B

 what to do when the original plan does not work; an alternative plan

Example: “If the job offer in Chicago falls through, do you have a Plan B?” – “Yes, I’ll just stay at my current job in New York.”

  • in the doghouse with

 when someone is angry at you

Example: Sonia is in the doghouse with her boss after forgetting to attend an important meeting this morning.

  • (to) learn one’s lesson

 to change one’s behavior based on experience.

Example: My grandmother got lost last night while driving. Now she say she’s learned her lesson. She won’t be driving at night anymore.

  • (to) turn over a new leaf

 to start behaving better; to break a bad habit

Example: In the past, I’ve been known to gossip. However, I’m turning over a new leaf and won’t be talking about people anymore.
Example: Jake is turning over a new leaf. Starting tomorrow, he’s giving up smoking.

  • (to) break one’s date

 to cancel a date

Example: Sorry to break our date, but I can’t make it to the movies tonight.

  • (to) hold something against someone

 to be angry at someone for something

Example: I’m sorry I got the promotion you were hoping for. I hope you won’t hold it against me.

  • busybody

 a person who interferes with the business of others; a nosy person who gets into other people’s business

Example: Wanda is such a busybody. Whenever anybody makes a phone call, she tries to overhear.

  • (to) patch things up

 to repair a relationship

Example: Shawn and Monica had a big fight on Saturday night, but by Sunday afternoon they had patched things up.

  • (to) give someone the silent treatment

 to stop talking to someone out of anger (usually for a short period of time)

Example: “Why are you giving me the silent treatment?” – “I’m mad at you for not inviting me on your ski trip.”

  • (to) blow over

 to calm down again

Example: “Jim is so angry that we’re not releasing the product on time that he’s running around screaming.” – “Don’t worry. It’ll blow over.

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