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More Speak English Like an American Lesson 6 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

More Speak English Like an American Lesson 6 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

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Lesson 6: Mark and Cindy Make Dinner Plans


Mark had planned to take Cindy to Carmen’s Bistro, but Cindy insists on going to Café Felix instead. Mark tells Cindy about his girlfriend Sara. Cindy is surprised to hear he is seeing someone and takes the opportunity to insult Sara.

Cindy: It’s about time you got here! You’re 20 minutes late.

Mark: Sorry. I got held up in traffic.

Cindy: Where are we going to dinner.

Mark: I made reservations at Carmen’s Bistro.

Cindy: Carmen’s? I was just there last weekend. It has really gone downhill. Let’s go to Café Felix instead.

Mark: But we don’t have reservations. It’ll be packed to the rafters on Saturday night!

Cindy: I called yesterday and reserved a table.

Mark: I guess that means you’ll be picking up the tab, too.

Cindy: Like hell I will! Don’t forget that I’m going to share some valuable information with you.

Mark: I haven’t forgotten. It’s why I broke my date with Sara to go out with you.

Cindy: Who’s Sara? I didn’t know you had a new girlfriend!

Mark: Why should you know? You and I split up a year ago.

Cindy: Is that the Sara who’s the receptionist at your company? The plain Jane who sits at the front desk?

Mark: She’s not the receptionist anymore. She got a promotion and moved into the marketing department.

Cindy: I guess it pays to date the boss!

Mark: Don’t go there.

Cindy: Why not? People must think that’s why she got promoted!

Mark: It’s a touchy subject. Let’s not talk about it anymore.


  • It’s about time

 It’s finally happening (often used to express frustration that something is late in happening)

Example: Brian finally got a job? It’s about time. He’s been hanging around the house for over a year.

  • (to) get help up

 to be delayed

Example: Sorry I’m late. I got held up in a meeting.

  • (to) go downhill

 to worsen; to become bad

Example: The service at this hotel has really gone downhill. They don’t even help you with your luggage anymore.

  • packed to the rafters

 very crowded; overcrowded

Example: The Retox Rock Bar in New York is always packed to the rafters on Saturday nights.

  • (to) pick up the tab

 to pay the bill

Example: You paid last time we went out for lunch. Let me pick up the tab this time.

  • like hell

 no way (say this when you want to refuse strongly or to disagree strongly with what’s just been said)

Example: “Jeff says he already paid you back.” – “Like hell he did!”
Note 1: This is considered to be strong language by some.
Note 2: This expression can also be used to:
1) Express intensity: We tried like hell to win.
2) Say somebody looks bad: She looked like hell after staying up all night.

  • (to) break one’s date

 to cancel a date

Example: Sorry to break our date, but I can’t make it to the movies tonight.

  • (to) split up

 to end a romantic relationship; to get divorced

Example: Did you hear the news? Laura and Tony have split up!

  • plain Jane

 a plain-looking girl or woman; a female who’s not very attractive

Example: “Is Rich’s new girlfriend pretty?” – “No, to tell you the truth, she’s a plain Jane.”

  • it pays to

 it’s worth it; it’s a good idea to

Example: Although the restaurant was very crowded, we got seated right away. It pays to be friends with the owner!

  • Don’t go there

 I don’t want to talk about that

Example: “Why did you lose your job?” – “Don’t go there.”
Note: You may also hear the variation “I don’t want to go there”

  • touchy subject

 a sensitive issue; a topic that is likely to bring out emotions in people

Example: Don’t ask Joy how old she is. Age is a touchy subject for her.

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