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More Speak English Like an American Lesson 7 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

More Speak English Like an American Lesson 7 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

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Lesson 7: Cindy Asks Mark To Get Back Together


Over dinner, Cindy tells Mark that she wants to start dating him again. Mark reminds her that they didn’t get along well, but Cindy tells him he looks good in comparison to the other men she’s dated recently.

Mark: So, Cindy, what did you find out for me?

Cindy: I’m not ready to talk shop! We haven’t even had our drinks yet.

Mark: You know what they say: business before pleasure!

Cindy: Okay, then let’s talk turkey. You and I should get back together.

Mark:  what? We fought like cats and dogs! Why would you want to get back together.

Cindy: To make a long story short, I’ve dated a lot of losers* lately: stuffed shirtstwo-timers – you get the picture.

Mark: So after dating all these losers, you’ve decided I’m Mr. Right?

Cindy: Maybe not exactly, but you are a good catch.

Mark: Well, perhaps you should hold out for Mr. Right. Why settle for me?

*loser – a failure; somebody who is unsuccessful in life; a jerk


  • (to) talk shop

 to talk about work when away from the office

Example: Sorry to talk shop at a party, but what do you think we should do about the contract?

  • Business before pleasure

 a saying that means one should finish one’s work before enjoying oneself

Example: At our holiday party, the boss stood up and said, “Before we start eating and drinking, I’d like to announce our recent sales results. Business before pleasure.”

  • (to) talk turkey

 to speak plainly; to get to the point; to be specific

Example: Let’s talk turkey. If you’d be willing to lower the price of your house by 20%, we might be interested in buying it.
Note: There are different theories about the origin of this expression, which dates from the 1840s. One possibility is that it refers to the conversation around the turkey on Thanksgiving Day. There is a also a story of a settler and an Indian who went hunting together. They caught turkey and buzzards. When discussing how to share their catch, the Indian said, “Talk turkey to me.”

  • (to) get back together

 to restart a romantic relationship

Example: Ken and Nancy got divorced two years ago, but lately they’ve been talking about getting back together.

  • (to) fight like cats and dogs

 to argue a lot; to not get along well

Example: I don’t know how Scott and Lisa stay married. They fight like cats and dogs!

  • to make a long story short

 to get to the point; to be brief

Example: To make a long story short, I’ve decided to quit my job and move to Prague to open a coffee shop.

  • stuffed shirt

 a self-important and overly formal person

Example: Brenda’s boss takes himself very seriously and never makes jokes. He’s a real stuffed shirt.
Note: In the 19th century, merchants stuffed shirts with paper for display to give an idea of how the shirt would look when worn. From this practice came the insult of calling a person a “stuffed shirt.”

  • two-timer

 someone who is unfaithful to their partner or spouse

Example: Joan’s ex-husband was a two-timer. She caught him in bed with his administrative assistant.

  • you get the picture

 you know what I’m saying; I’ve said enough to make it clear what I’m talking about

Example: My roommate throws dirty laundry on the floor, leaves old food in the refrigerator, and, well, you get the picture.

  • Mr. Right

 the man who would make the perfect husband; the perfect man

Example: “Is Liz married?” – “No, she’s still looking for Mr. Right.”

  • good catch

 a good romantic partner; a good match for someone

Example: Amanda got a good catch. Her fiancé is a successful investment banker, good-looking, and a nice guy.

  • (to) hold out for

 to wait until one gets exactly what one wants; to keep refusing with the hope that the idea thing or person will come later

Example: We’ve received several offers on our house, but we’re holding out for a price we think is fair.

  • (to) settle for

 to accept something or someone that is not exactly what one wants

Example: José dreamed of becoming a professional football player, but he settled for becoming a high school football coach instead.

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