Present Tenses Test B1 Grammar Exercises

Present Tenses Test B1 Grammar Exercises

Present Tenses Test B1 Grammar Exercises
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4 thoughts on “Present Tenses Test B1 Grammar Exercises”

  1. Question 2PARTIAL-CREDIT
    2.Rick……me for some money, but he…….me back.
    A always asks / is always paying
    B is always asking / is never paying
    C has never asked / never pays
    D never asks / has never been paying
    Why do you say B is correct?
    I thought ”is” never go with ”always”?

    • The Present Continuous Tense is used to express irritation or anger over somebody or something in the present with adverbs such as: always, continually or constantly:

      • She is continually complaining about everything!
      • Johnny is always asking stupid questions!
      • My boss is constantly criticising me!
  2. Could you please explain why in no. 19 – Steve has BEEN to the café at lunch time but in no. 20 – all the children have GONE out to play basketball in the garden ?

    • We often use been to, instead of gone to, when we refer to completed visits to a place:

      • Have you ever been to Budapest?

      Not: Have you ever gone to Budapest?

      If the visit is not complete, we use gone.


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