Upper Level Vocabulary Test 3

Upper Level Vocabulary Test 3

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2 thoughts on “Upper Level Vocabulary Test 3”

  1. Hi:)
    Upper Level Vocabulary Test 3, question 39:
    your correct answer is “intend”, but what follows in the sentence cannot be “going”, I think:)
    “intend to do ” We need “to inf.” Right?
    Thank you!

    • Hello Veselina! In fact, both “intend to do something” and “intend doing something” can be used. Please, look at the explanation below taken from Longman Dictionary!

      in‧tend (verb [transitive])
      1 to have something in your mind as a plan or purpose → intention

      intend to do something

      I intend to spend the night there.

      intend somebody/something to do something

      I didn’t intend her to see the painting until it was finished.

      I never intended things to turn out the way they did.

      intend that

      It is intended that these meetings will become a regular event.

      intend doing something

      We intend looking at the situation again.

      In everyday English, people usually say plan to do something or plan on doing something, rather than intend to do something or intend doing something:

      I plan to spend the night there.

      I didn’t plan on things taking so long. OR I didn’t plan for things to take so long.


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