Upper Level Vocabulary Test 6

Upper Level Vocabulary Test 6

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Upper Intermediate Level Vocabulary Tests
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7 thoughts on “Upper Level Vocabulary Test 6”

  1. To get my travelers’ cheques I had to ________ a special cheque to the Bank for the total amount.
    A make for
    B make off
    c make out
    d makeover
    e make up
    Sir,why opt.D ? Can u explain me

    • The correct answer is D: make out
      WRITE CHEQUE ETC make somethingout to write something such as a bill or cheque

  2. Many university courses are not really ________ to the needs of students or their future employers.
    A associated
    b relative
    c geared
    d sufficient
    e qualified
    Plz explain why opt. C ?

    • be geared to somebody/something: to be organized in a way that is suitable for a particular purpose or situation
      – The typical career pattern was geared to men whose wives didn’t work.

      be geared to do something
      – The course curriculum is geared to span three years.

    • “Get over” is the correct answer.
      PROBLEM/DIFFICULTY get over something: to successfully deal with a problem or difficulty
      – I don’t know how we’re going to get over this problem.
      Overcome: to successfully control a feeling or problem that prevents you from achieving something
      – He struggled to overcome his shyness.

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