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400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 18 – War and Conquest Vocabulary Test

400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 18 - War and Conquest Vocabulary Test

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Word List

annex [ˈænɛks] v.

To make something (usually land) part of another unit

 Bardstown grew by annexing several farms at the north edge of town.

Parts of speech     annexation n., annex n.

apex [ˈeɪpɛks] n.

The highest point

 Gregory knew that his running skills had to be at their apex during the tournament.

Usage tips     Apex is often used to describe the high point of someone’s abilities.

collapse [kəˈlæps] v.

To fall down, usually because of weakness

 the roof collapsed on top of me

Parts of speech     collapse n., collapsible adj.

conquest [ˈkɒŋkwest] n.

A takeover by force or continued effort

 The first recorded conquest of Mt.Everest was by Tensing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hilary.

Usage tips     Conquest is usually followed by an of phrase.

Parts of speech     conquer v.

devise [dɪˈvaɪz] v.

To find an original way to make an object or a plan

 The soldiers devised a way to cross the river into enemy territory without being seen.

Parts of speech     device n.

invasive [ɪnˈveɪsɪv] adj.

Aggressively entering into someone else’s territory

 Surgery with a laser is less invasive than surgery with a knife or scalpel.

Parts of speech     invade v., invasion n., invader n.

prevailing [prɪˈveɪlɪŋ] adj.

Strongest or most common

 The prevailing attitude among our neighbors is to be friendly but not too friendly.

Parts of speech     prevail v., prevalence n.

resist [rɪˈzɪst] v.

To refuse to give in to a strong force or desire

 Although many native nations resisted, the U.S.government eventually took over almost all Indian land.

Parts of speech     resistance n., resistant adj.

severely [sɪˈvɪəlɪ] adv.

Harshly; extremely

 Commanders severely punished any soldier who criticized the battle plan.

Parts of speech     severity n., severe adj.

violation [ˌvaɪəˈleɪʃən] n.

An action that breaks a law or agreement; mistreatment of something that deserves respect

 The army’s testing of new weapons was a violation of the cease-fire agreement.

Usage tips     Violation is often followed by an of phrase.

Parts of speech     violate v., violator n.

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