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400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 20 – Financial Systems Vocabulary Test

400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 20 - Financial Systems Vocabulary Test

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Word List

allocate [ˈæləˌkeɪt] v.

To give out different amounts for different purposes

 The budget allocates $58 billion to the military and only about $2 billion to education.

Usage tips     Things that can be allocated are things that can be “spent”—money, time, energy, etc.

Parts of speech     allocation n.

commodity [kəˈmɑdədi] n.

A thing that can be bought and sold,such as grain, oil, or wood

 Tulip bulbs were one of the most valuable commodities in seventeenth-century Holland.

Usage tips     A thing is called a commodity only in the context of buying or selling it.

decline [dɪˈklaɪn] v.

To decrease in power or amount

 America’s railroads declined because the automobile dominated American life.

Parts of speech     decline n.

equity [ˈekwɪtɪ] n.

The value of one’s share in an investment

 Barnard’s equity in the business was one-third,or about $350,000.

Usage tips     In this meaning, equity is always singular and usually followed by an in phrase.

inflation [ɪnˈfleɪʃən] n.

A situation in which prices for many items rise quite fast

 During the rapid inflation of the 1970s, prices for food and fuel sometimes rose 20 percent in a single month.

Parts of speech     inflate v., inflationary adj.

net [net] adj.

After all costs have been subtracted from an amount

 My gross salary is around $35,000, but my net pay is closer to $29,000.

Parts of speech     net v., net n.

per capita [pəˈkæpɪtə] adv.

For each person

 Research shows we’re likely to sell 15 light bulbs per capita per year in medium-sized cities.

Parts of speech     per capita adj.

regulate [ˈrɛɡjəˌleɪt] v.

Control according to a set of rules

 Trading on the New York Stock Exchange is regulated by officials of the exchange and by federal law.

Parts of speech     regulation n., regulatory adj.

subsidy [ˈsʌbsɪdɪ] n.

Money given by a government or other organization to support an activity

 Federal subsidies to grain farmers have helped them stay in business despite three years of bad weather.

Parts of speech     subsidize v.

tangible [ˈtændʒəbl] adj.

Obviously real because it can be seen, touched, or otherwise observed

 One tangible benefit of putting electrical cables underground is a clearer view of the sky.

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