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4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 13: The Old Hound

4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 13: The Old Hound

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Word List

  • brook [bruk] n. 

brook is a small stream.

 Water flows down several brooks on the mountain.

  • cater [ˈkeitər] v. 

To cater to someone means to provide them with all the things needed or wanted.

 Bill was too sick to get out of bed, so his nurse catered to his needs.

  • considerate [kənˈsidərit] adj. 

When someone is considerate, they pay attention to the needs of others.

 The considerate boy gave a present to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

  • consumption [kənˈsʌmpʃən] n. 

The consumption of food or drink is the act of eating or drinking it.

 These apples are too rotten for consumption.

  • criteria [kraiˈtiəriə] n. 

Criteria are factors on which a person judges or decides something.

 Before she got the job, she had to meet all the necessary criteria.

  • crust [krʌst] n. 

Crust is the tough outer part of a loaf of bread.

 The little boy never ate the crust of his pizza.

  • degrade [diˈgreid] v. 

To degrade someone means to cause people to have shame.

 The teacher degraded Bob when she announced his poor performance to the class

  • entitle [enˈtaitl] v. 

To entitle someone means to give them the rights to have or do something.

 His golden ticket entitled him to sit in the front row at the concert.

  • escort [ˈeskɔːrt] v. 

To escort people means to safely accompany them to a place.

 Her bodyguards escorted her to the movie theater.

  • external [ikˈstəːrnəl] adj. 

When something is external, it is connected to an outer part.

 It is warm inside my house, but the external temperature is freezing.

  • facility [fəˈsiləti] n. 

facility is a building that exists for a particular purpose.

 There are many educational facilities in big cities.

  • faculty [ˈfӕkəlti] n. 

faculty is a mental or physical ability.

 The boy’s mental faculties impressed all of his teachers.

  • heap [hiːp] n. 

heap of things is a large pile of them.

 After the building was torn down, all that was left was a heap of bricks.

  • hemisphere [ˈhemisfiər] n. 

hemisphere is one half of the earth.

 In the northern hemisphere, the weather is usually warmest in July and August.

  • hound [haund] n. 

hound is a type of dog that is often used for racing or hunting.

 The men took their hounds with them when they went on the hunting trip.

  • impersonal [imˈpəːrsənəl] adj. 

If something is impersonal, it is not friendly and makes people feel unimportant.

 The boy felt scared on his first day at the big, impersonal high school.

  • ornament [ˈɔːrnəmənt] n. 

An ornament is an attractive object that people display in their homes.

 The woman kept some colorful ornaments on the shelves.

  • pedestrian [pəˈdestriən] n. 

pedestrian is a person who is walking on a street.

 Cars should be careful when pedestrians are walking around.

  • sanctuary [ˈsӕŋktʃuəri] n. 

sanctuary is a place where people in danger can go to be safe.

 The church was made into a sanctuary for homeless people in the winter.

  • spectator [spekˈteitə:r] n. 

spectator is someone who watches something, especially a sports event.

 There were thousands of spectators at the big game.

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