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4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 14: The Coward’s Lesson

4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 14: The Coward’s Lesson

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Word List

  • camouflage [ˈkæməflɑːʒ] n. 

Camouflage is something used to hide people and things.

 The green and brown camouflage was best used for hiding in forests and jungles.

  • contemplate [ˈkɒntəmpleit] v. 

To contemplate something means to think about it.

 Mark took a moment to contemplate the math problem before solving it.

  • contend [kənˈtend] v. 

To contend with something means to struggle to overcome it.

 Stacy had to contend with a learning disability throughout high school.

  • cot [kɒt] n. 

cot is a small portable bed.

 At the camp, the boys’ cabin was lined with cots.

  • enlist [enˈlist] v. 

To enlist means to join the military.

 In their final year at school, the students were asked to enlist in the military.

  • frontier [ˈfrʌntiə:r] n. 

frontier is a border between two regions or countries.

 A fence was built along the frontier where the river curved.

  • handbook [ˈhændbuk] n. 

handbook is an item that gives specific information or instructions.

 If you look at the handbook, it will tell you which wires to connect to the TV.

  • hesitant [ˈhezətənt] adj. 

If someone is hesitant, then they are not sure or slow in acting or speaking.

 Though he knew the answer, he was hesitant to say it because he might be wrong.

  • lush [lʌʃ] adj. 

If something is lush, then it is full of a variety of large, healthy plants.

 The lush jungle was filled with plants, trees, and vines.

  • marrow [ˈmærou] n. 

Marrow is the soft substance in the center of bones.

 Dissolved marrow is a common ingredient in soups.

  • outfit [ˈautfit] n. 

An outfit is a set of clothes worn together, often for a certain job or event.

 Kelly’s new outfit made her look so glamourous.

  • paw [pɔ:] n. 

paw is an animal’s foot that has claws or soft bottoms.

 The kitten cleaned its paws with its tongue.

  • quiver [ˈkwivər] v. 

To quiver means to tremble or shake.

 The flame on the candle quivered whenever someone opened or closed a door.

  • splendid [ˈsplendid] adj. 

If something or someone is splendid, then they are very good.

 From his head down to his shoes, his clothes looked splendid.

  • stray [strei] v. 

To stray means to go in a wrong direction and often become lost.

 He found himself lost because he had strayed from the tour group.

  • substantial [səbˈstænʃəl] adj. 

If something is substantial, then it is of great importance, size, or value.

 The bank said that he owed it a substantial amount of money.

  • torch [tɔːrtʃ] n. 

torch is a stick with one end on fire that can be carried in order to give light.

 He grabbed a piece of wood and stuck it in the fire in order to make a torch.

  • tract [trækt] n. 

tract is a large area of land.

 On the other side of the mountains was a long tract of forest.

  • vigil [ˈvidʒəl] n. 

vigil is a period of watchful attention at night fora specific purpose.

 He had a vigil in front of the tomb for three days.

  • weary [ˈwiəri] adj. 

If someone is weary, then they are tired.

 Jane was weary after a long day of work.

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