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4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 7: Greek Magical Papyri

4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 7: Greek Magical Papyri

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Word List

  • altar [ˈɔ:ltər] n. 

An altar is a table used in churches.

 The altar had many lit candles on it.

  • arthritis [ɑːrˈθraitis] n. 

Arthritis is an illness causing pain and swelling in a person’s joints.

 Agatha couldn’t play the piano anymore because of her arthritis.

  • botany [ˈbɒtəni] n. 

Botany is the study of plants.

 Gardens are the best places for botany.

  • credible [ˈkredəbəl] adj. 

If something or someone is credible, they can be believed or trusted.

 Dick gave a credible reason for being late and didn’t get in any trouble.

  • deceased [diˈsiːst] adj. 

If someone is deceased, they are dead.

 We visited the graves of our deceased grandparents.

  • deception [diˈsepʃən] n. 

Deception is the act of lying or tricking someone.

 The magic looked very real, but it was only deception.

  • decipher [diˈsaifər] v. 

To decipher writing is to figure out what it says.

 My teacher complained that she couldn’t decipher my essay.

  • dung [dʌŋ] n. 

Dung is solid waste material produced by animals.

 There was cow dung all over the field.

  • dusk [dʌsk] n. 

Dusk is the time in the evening when it begins to get dark.

 After dusk, Hannah would catch fireflies in the park.

  • gratify [ˈgrætəfai] v. 

To gratify someone means to please them.

 Bonnie was gratified after receiving her gift from her parents.

  • hone [houn] v. 

To hone something is to improve it and make it very good.

 Lisa honed her chess skills by hours and hours of practice.

  • mash [mæʃ] v. 

To mash something is to crush it so that it is soft.

 We mashed the hard potatoes and served them for dinner.

  • ornate [ɔːrˈneit] adj. 

If something is ornate, it is decorated with a lot of fancy things.

 Kim’s prom dress was very expensive since it was so ornate.

  • pneumonia [njuːˈmounjə] n. 

Pneumonia is a dangerous illness causing the lungs to fill with liquid.

 Elaine got pneumonia after playing outside in the rain without a coat.

  • psychic [ˈsaikik] adj. 

When someone is psychic, they know what will happen or what people think.

 I think my grandmother has psychic abilities because she can predict anything.

  • psychotic [saiˈkɒtik] adj. 

If someone is psychotic, they have a very serious mental illness.

 The psychotic patient believed he saw things that weren’t real.

  • scope [skoup] n. 

The scope of something is how many people or things it relates to.

 Modern history has a wide scope.

  • sinister [ˈsinistə:r] adj. 

If something or someone is sinister, they are evil.

 Bad guys in most movies have sinister laughs.

  • strife [straif] n. 

Strife is disagreement or fighting between people or groups.

 There was a lot of strife between Jim and Lisa about what TV show to watch.

  • therapeutic [ˌθerəˈpjuːtik] adj. 

If something is therapeutic, it helps to cure a disease or makes you healthier.

 After a stressful day of working, Phoebe would take a therapeutic bath.

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