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4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 8: Watch Out!

4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 8: Watch Out!

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Word List

  • congested [kənˈdʒestid] adj. 

If something is congested, it is full or blocked.

 Tom didn’t get home until after dark because the road was so congested.

  • courier [ˈkuriər] n. 

courier is someone who takes and delivers mail or packages.

 Before trains, most couriers used horses to travel.

  • deform [diˈfɔːrm] v. 

To deform something means to change it from its correct or original shape.

 The computer program deformed the building’s picture into an unreal sight.

  • etiquette [ˈetiket] n. 

Etiquette is the group of rules about how to be polite.

 When in Asian countries, bowing is a form of etiquette.

  • exclusive [iksˈkluːsiv] adj. 

If something is exclusive, it is expensive and only for rich people.

 The golf course was so exclusive that most people hadn’t even heard of it.

  • freight [freit] n. 

Freight is a set of items carried on a train, boat, or airplane.

 Trade ships only carried valuable freight like silk and spices.

  • garment [ˈgɑːrmənt] n. 

garment is a piece of clothing.

 The business man had all of his garments cleaned before the important meeting.

  • insomnia [inˈsɒmniə] n. 

Insomnia is a condition in which a person has difficulty sleeping.

 Nate’s insomnia prevented him from getting enough rest.

  • intuitive [inˈtjuːitiv] adj. 

Intuitive is knowing about something without naturally having support or proof.

 Rhonda had an intuitive feeling that Shane wasn’t coming to school today.

  • liable [ˈlaiəbəl] adj. 

If something is liable to happen, it is very likely that it will happen.

 During the summer months, hikers in the forest are liable to see deer and elk.

  • obsess [əbˈses] v. 

To obsess about something means to think about it all of the time.

 After watching the Star Wars movies, Ike obsessed about becoming a Jedi.

  • overboard [ˈouvərbɔːrd] adv. 

When something is overboard, it is over the side of a boat and in the water.

 Tom and Gary slipped on the wet floor and fell overboard.

  • premium [ˈpriːmiəm] n. 

premium is a payment that is higher than average.

 Tony paid for premium gas because it made his car run the best.

  • privilege [ˈprivəlidʒ] n. 

privilege is a special right given to only a certain person or group of people.

 Only the best employee had the privilege of parking in that spot.

  • propel [prəˈpel] v. 

To propel something means to push or move it somewhere.

 The strong wind propelled the leaf through the air and across the street.

  • socialize [ˈsouʃəlaiz] v. 

To socialize is to have a good time with people.

 I like to socialize with my classmates after school.

  • suppress [səˈpres] v. 

To suppress something means to prevent it from happening.

 She suppressed her urge to scream because she didn’t want to be noticed.

  • tram [træm] n. 

tram is a vehicle like a streetcar that runs on electricity above ground.

 I took the tram to Eighth Avenue.

  • unsettle [ˈʌnˈsetl] v. 

To unsettle someone means to make them anxious or worried.

 The dark clouds in the sky unsettled Beth.

  • warp [wɔːrp] v. 

To warp means to become bent into the wrong shape.

 The woman put the clock above the fireplace, and the heat warped it.

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