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Barron’s 1100 Words You Need to Know (MCQ Test + PDF) Week 13 – Day 1

Barron's 1100 Words You Need to Know (MCQ Test + PDF) Week 13 - Day 1

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  • importune [im´ pôr tün´] 

“Many businessmen were importuned to come to Washington.” John McDonald, On Capitol Hill

  • incontrovertible [in´ kon trə vėr´ tə bəl] 

“The Wilsons lived in a universe of words linked into an incontrovertible firmament by two centuries of Calvinist divines.” John Dos Passos, U.S.A.

  • surreptitious [sər´ əp tish´ əs] 

“He was surreptitiously negotiating to have 70 percent of the payments turned over to himself.” David C. Johnson, “Tax Evasion Scheme,” New York Times, 1/1/00

  • haven [hā´ vən] 

“The desire to escape the city has filtered down into every other economic group, and as a result of the suburb’s popularity, that haven of refuge is itself filling up.” Lewis Mumford, “The Roaring Traffic’s Boom”

  • subjugate [sub´ jə gāt] 

“The country had been bitterly divided, so ruthless in its determination to keep the black majority subjugated.” Sheryl McCarthy, “Mandela Was South Africa’s Perfect Choice,” Newsday, 6/17/99


to take the bull by the horns—to face a problem directly

After several days of delay, the minister decided to take the bull by the horns, and so he sent for the vandals.

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