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Barron’s 1100 Words You Need to Know (MCQ Test + PDF) Week 17 – Day 2

Barron's 1100 Words You Need to Know (MCQ Test + PDF) Week 17 - Day 2

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  • manifold [man´ ə fōld] 

“China’s Xinhua News Agency treated manifold claims of procedural error with disbelief.” “Trying to Build Bridges in China,” TIME, 6/28/99

  • assiduous [ə sij´ ü əs] 

“Richard Greenberg is aiming here for big laughs at the expense of the generation he so assiduously chronicled in the past.” Peter Marks, “Making Mincemeat of Boomer Values”

  • impeccable [im pek´ ə bəl] 

“That is why the so-called ‘better’ juvenile books, skillfully constructed, morally sanitary, psychologically impeccable—don’t really make much of a dent on the child’s consciousness.” Clifton Fadiman, “My Life is an Open Book”

  • fraught [frôt] 

“Ev’ry sigh comes forth so fraught with sweets, ’Tis incense to be offered to a god.” Nathaniel Lee, The Rival Queens

  • resourceful [ri sôrs´ fəl] 

“The crew of the $20 million independent film had to be very resourceful to hold down costs.” Beth L. Kiel, “Allen in Hollywood,” New York, 6/21/99


to put the cart before the horse— to reverse the proper order, do things backwards

My assistant was so eager to get the job done that he often put the cart before the horse.

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