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Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 – Lesson 22 MCQ Test

Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 - Lesson 22 MCQ Test

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Lesson 22 – In the police station


as far as = to the limit of something

As far as I know, this is the right place.
As far as I know, she was not planning to come to the meeting.
From the top floor you can see as far as the river.

A: Can I get a ride from you?
B: Sure. I can take you as far as Chicago.

be up to one = be one’s choice

It‘s up to you. I’ll eat anything!
“What do you want to do?” “It’s up to you.”
It was up to me to choose the university I wanted to attend.

A: Do you think you can leave work early?
B: It‘s up to my boss.

carry out = take something out of a place

He carried out the sofa.
I saw him carrying out the trash this morning.
She helped him carry out the boxes.

A: The taxi will be here in a few minutes.
B: Let’s carry out your luggage.

follow up on = get more information about; take additional action

Remember to follow up on the reports.
He decided not to follow up on the job offer.
Did you follow up on that complaint about the leaky water pipe?

A: Did you call that person who wanted to buy the house?
B: Sorry. I didn’t have time to follow up on it.

get even with = have revenge

He wanted to get even with the fisherman.
He wanted to get even with her for making him look foolish.
There is no point in trying to get even with anyone. Revenge is an endless cycle.

A: What are you doing with that water balloon?
B: I’m going to get even with my sister for scratching my CD.

in light of = because of

In light of the new information, he had to re-think the situation.
In light of the new evidence, the judge dismissed the court case.
In light of the recent thefts, the company is increasing security.

A: Why don’t you want to go out dancing?
B: In light of my recent test grade, I’d better stay home and study.

no wonder = now I understand why

There’s a bowling ball in the box. No wonder it’s so heavy!
She was sick. No wonder she looked so bad yesterday.
No wonder the TV doesn’t work! It’s not plugged in.

A: Kristin just got back from her trip to Hawaii.
B: No wonder she’s so tan!

now that = because now

Now that she has free time, she can work in her garden.
Now that I have some free time, I plan to do a lot more reading.
He is going to start buying stock now that the market is low.

A: Now that I have been exercising, I feel great!
B: Really? I feel more tired.

up to now = until now

Up to now, I always thought you were a vegetarian!
Up to now, the weather has been very warm for this time of year.
The writer has published five books up to now.

A: I made pigs foot soup! Are you hungry?
B: I was up to now.

use up = use completely; drain

Who used up all of the toilet paper?
If you use up the milk, please buy some more.
Who used up all the toothpaste!

A: I use up three tubes of gel every month!
B: Maybe you should get a haircut.


One day a man was preparing to leave on a trip. He often traveled on business back and forth between New York and his home in Boston. His wife was carrying out his suitcase to the car when it suddenly opened. Inside were shorts, shirts, sandals, and a swimming suit. In light of the fact that her husband had packed all of his casual clothes, she started to doubt that he was going on a business trip.

The next day, she followed up on her suspicion by calling the airline that her husband traveled on. She asked the man at the airline, “Can you tell me how many frequent flyer miles my husband and I have?”

The man looked up their account and told the woman, “Up to now, you have almost 100,000 miles if I include your husband’s most recent flight.”

The woman was surprised. She said, “That doesn’t make sense. How did my husband collect so many miles flying to New York?”

The man at the airline told her, “Those miles include his flights to New York and his flight to the Bahamas.”

“The Bahamas!” the woman thought. “No wonder I can’t find the sunscreen!” The woman knew just how to get even with her husband. Now that she knew her husband was having fun without her, she would also go on vacation! She wanted to use up all of the frequent flyer miles by going as far as she could.

“I’d like to reserve a ticket for myself, please” she said, “When is your next flight?”

“There are two flights leaving this afternoon: one to Chicago and one to Paris. It’s up to you.”

“Paris would be perfect!” the woman smiled.

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