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Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 – Lesson 23 MCQ Test

Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 - Lesson 23 MCQ Test

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Lesson 23 – On an old dirt road


be concerned about = be worried about

I‘m concerned about you.
He was concerned about his hair because a lot of it fell out.
Aren’t you concerned about the world population?

A: I am concerned about Jenny.
B: Me, too. She hasn’t come to work for three days.

break down = stop working (for a machine)

The bus broke down at the side of the road.
When the car broke down, they had to get out and walk.
I’m sure our refrigerator is going to break down. It’s over twenty years old.

A: What’s wrong with the copy machine?
B: It broke down yesterday.

get stuck = be unable to move

He got stuck in the mud.
Her boot got stuck in the mud while she was hiking.
got stuck on the third problem, so I couldn’t finish the homework.

A: This ring got stuck on my finger!
B: Try putting some butter on it.

have nothing to do with = not be related to; have no connection to

Stay out of it. This has nothing to do with you!
The hot weather this summer has nothing to do with global warming.
Our professor’s lectures have nothing to do with the topics in our textbook.

A: I think you are sick because you ate all that cheese.
B: That has nothing to do with it!

look on A as B = think A as B

He looks on his brother as a role model.
Do you look on your career as being fulfilling?
The class looks on the teacher as a friend.

A: Can you join us for a game of golf?
B: No. My wife looks on golf as a waste of time and money.

put away = put in a safe place; hide or store

Where did you put away my old comic books?
put my skis away for the summer.
She put away her jewelry in a box in the back of her closet.

A: Are those the gifts for Matt’s party?
B: Yeah. I have to put them away before he gets home.

relieve A of B = take B from A

She relieved her friend of his keys because he was drunk.
The teacher relieved him of his pocket knife.
Those books look heavy. Let me relieve you of some of them.

A: Why are you home so early?
B: I am feeling sick, so my boss relieved me of my duties tonight.

take for granted = assume; expect

Don’t take the nice weather for granted.
took it for granted that my alarm clock would wake me up.
Many people took it for granted that the economy would continue to do well.

A: Why are you taking your umbrella?
B: I don’t take it for granted that it will stay sunny.

to say nothing of = not to mention; need not describe because it is obvious

Their coffee is delicious, to say nothing of their cakes!
The soups there are delicious, to say nothing of the desserts.
The library at our university is beautiful, to say nothing of the music hall.

A: How was your trip?
B: The weather was wonderful, to say nothing of the food!

trade in = exchange for another (usually for a better or newer one)

It is almost impossible to trade in an old computer.
The car dealer only gave her $1000 when she traded in her car.
I want to trade in my motorcycle for a faster one.

A: Do you think I could trade in my bike for a new one?
B: I think you should just give it away.


In college, I still lived with my parents, but I had a job. I could pay for a lot of my own expenses. Because of this, my parents were able to put away some of their own money in the bank. After a little while, they had enough to buy a new car.

My parents traded in their old car and got a new luxury car! The new car had a beautiful interior, to say nothing of its sound system! My parents loved that car.

I had my own car, but it was old and often broke down. Sometimes I had to borrow my parents’ car.

One time I borrowed the car and brought it back late. I got stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident between a car and a truck. I didn’t get home until almost midnight. I took it for granted that my parents would be asleep. However, my mother was waiting for me when I got home! She relieved me of the car keys with a serious look on her face. I told her, “Mom, you have to look on me as an adult now. You don’t have to wait up for me.”

My mother told me that her waiting up had nothing to do with me. She was concerned about the car and couldn’t sleep!

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