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Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 – Lesson 26 MCQ Test

Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 - Lesson 26 MCQ Test

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Lesson 26 – At the office


drop someone a line = write a letter to someone

He decided to drop her a line.
When you get to Raine, drop me a line.
She dropped him a line explaining why she hadn’t called him.

A: Drop me a line sometime.
B: Yes. Let’s keep in touch.

how come = why

How come you don’t eat chicken?
How come this report is late?
You’re not coming to the party? How come?

A: I heard you weren’t coming to the game. How come?
B: I hurt my knee making toast this morning.

in brief = in short; in summary

Dogs are happy, loyal, and friendly. In brief, they make great pets.
In brief, this is the singer’s best album.
In brief, you must find my client not guilty.

A: What was the result of the meeting?
B: In brief, we are going to move to Mexico.

keep off = not go on; stay off

Keep off the glass.
Please keep off the carpet with your dirty shoes.
We have to keep off the bench until the paint is dry.

A: Please tell your kids to keep off the furniture.
B: I will. Sorry, Mr. President.

let go of = release

Let go of me!
He slowly let go of her hand, and she walked away.
Don’t let go of the rope! I’ll fall!

A: Let go of my purse!
B: Sorry! I thought it was mine.

lie down = lie; recline

He decided to lie down for a few minutes.
I am just going to lie down and rest for a few minutes.
The doctor told him to lie down on the examining table.

A: Where’s Bill?
B: He’s lying down on the couch.

on behalf of = for; in someone’s place (instead of)

On behalf of flies everywhere. I want to thank you!
She is collecting money on behalf of children in Africa.
I am calling on behalf of Congressman Jones to ask for your support.

A: Why are you going to New York?
B: I’m going there on behalf of the manager. He’s too sick to go.

owing to = because of

Owing to the bad weather, the picnic was cancelled.
Owing to the rough water today, we can’t go sailing.
He had to go home early owing to a severe headache.

A: Why aren’t you in Atlanta?
B: My plane can’t leave, owing to bad weather.

rule out = decide that something is not possible

He ruled out cooking spaghetti because he didn’t have enough pasta.
I can rule out that the gift is a stereo because the box is too small.
She ruled out going to Alaska because she didn’t like cold weather.

A: Who left the door unlocked last night?
B: Well, we can rule out Mike. He’s out of town.

yield to = allow something to happen

She yielded to his demands for a cookie.
yielded to my girlfriend’s demands for a ring.
The president yielded to pressure from the people to cut taxes.

A: How were the negotiations?
B: Great! They yielded to our demand for a lower price!


One day when I was out working in my yard, a dog came up to me. I ruled out the idea that it was a wild dog because it looked well fed and was wearing a collar. The dog sat by my door and watched me. I ignored the dog and finished my work. Then, when I went into the house, the dog wanted to follow me inside! I finally yielded to him and let him in the door.

The dog walked slowly around my living room looking around. It was a very good dog. I didn’t even have to tell it to keep off the furniture. Finally the dog went to the corner to lie down. Then it fell asleep.

When the dog woke up, it wanted to go out so I opened the door and it walked away. The next day, the same thing happened. Over the next week, the dog kept coming back to sleep in the corner of my living room!

Finally, I decided to drop the owner a line. I wrote a note that asked, “How come your dog comes over to my house to sleep every afternoon?” Then I put the note under the dog’s collar. I let go of the dog and it walked away as usual.

The next day, the dog returned with another note. This note said, “On behalf of my dog, thanks for letting him sleep there. Owing to the fact that we have six young children, he can’t get much rest at our house.” In brief, the dog just needed to get away for a little while. Six kids! No wonder the dog was tired!

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