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Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 – Lesson 24 MCQ Test

Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 - Lesson 24 MCQ Test

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Lesson 24 – In the market


as for = concerning; in regard to

I get along with most of my family. As for my sister, we fight a lot.
As for me, I would rather stay home tonight and watch television.
You can come in. As for the dog, he has to stay out.

A: I am going to the nightclub with Jim and Terry.
B: Do what you like. As for me, I am going to bed!

deal in = focus on selling

This store deals in pets.
This website deals in computer hardware, not software.
Our shop only deals in imported goods from China.

A: Do you have any large size hats?
B: Sorry, we don’t. We mostly deal in children’s clothes.

dream up = think up; have an original or unique idea

I wonder how he dreams up these things.
It’s amazing how he dreamed up the idea for the movie.
She dreamed up the idea of using stamps as wallpaper.

A: Did you hear that Will made a house out of an old train car?
B: Wow! He dreams up such interesting things!

find fault with = criticize; find something to complain about

They’re always finding faults with his girlfriend.
My friend always finds fault with my cooking.
His boss found fault with much of his work, so he got fired.

A: Why don’t you like the new art teacher?
B: He’s always trying to find fault with my paintings.

get out of = avoid; escape from

Let’s get out of here!
She had a note from her doctor to get out of class.
I think there is going to be trouble. Let’s get out of here!

A: I have a headache. I think I should lie down.
B: Liar! You’re just trying to get out of mowing the lawn!

go wrong = produce a bad result

Take this emergency money just in case anything goes wrong.
Something went wrong with the computer, so the system crashed.
If anything goes wrong, give me a call and I’ll be happy to come and help.

A: Why is this spaghetti blue?
B: Something went wrong with the recipe.

in addition to = along with; besides

He coaches basketball in addition to his office job.
In addition to flowers, I am also allergic to chicken.
She enjoys playing the piano in addition to singing.

A: In addition to getting fired, I had a flat tire on the way home.
B: Sounds like you had a terrible day!

mess up = make a mistake in

Why do you always mess up everything?
He messed up the recipe, so the food tasted terrible.
How could you mess up the plan? It was so easy!

A: I really messed up! I forgot my wife’s birthday!
B: Don’t worry. Just buy her some flowers and say you’re sorry.

sell out = sell all of; have no more because all are sold

Sorry. We’re all sold out.
The movie sold out the first weekend it was in theaters.
She needed to buy some fish, but the store was sold out.

A: Do you have any more DVD players?
B: Sorry, we are all sold out.

thanks to = because of

Thanks to his new shoes, he plays soccer very well.
Thanks to faster data transfer, you can watch movies on the Internet.
Thanks to a few bad students, the teacher canceled the class picnic.

A: Wow! You got $50 dollars from you grandmother?
B: Yes. Thanks to her, I can go to the concert.

Customer: This really  my plans. I wanted to take my wife on a picnic today.

Worker: There is another food store down the road about two miles.  picnic supplies, I’m not sure if you can find them there either.

Customer: First, I can’t find oranges, and now there are no picnic supplies. What else can ?

Worker: Is that thunder I hear?


Many people send flowers for special occasions. Unfortunately, some people forget special days and they have to send flowers late. As for these kinds of customers, there is a way to get out of trouble with friends and loved ones thanks to a small flower shop in Chicago. This shop deals in flowers for all occasions, even late ones!

The owner of the flower shop dreamed up a way to help his forgetful customers. The shop makes an excuse for late deliveries. If a customer has to send flowers late, the shop puts a note in with the delivery explaining what went wrong. For example, the note might say, “We apologize for these flowers being late. Our truck broke down.” Or, “Our delivery man got sick.” Or even, “Our shop sold out of roses, so we had to wait for more to be delivered.” The person receiving the flowers might find fault with the shop, but not with the person who sent the flowers.

In addition to flowers, the shop also sells candy and small toys. So the next time you mess up and have to send a late gift, keep this shop in mind!

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