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4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 20: Microchips

4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 20: Microchips

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Word List

  • aggregate [ˈӕgrəgit] adj. 

When a number is aggregate, it is made up of smaller amounts added together.

 The company totaled its aggregate sales for the entire year.

  • antibiotic [ˈæntibaiˈɒtik] n. 

An antibiotic is a medical drug used to kill bacteria and treat infections.

 The doctor gave me a shot of an antibiotic when I got the flu.

  • circuit [ˈsəːrkit] n. 

circuit is a piece of an electronic device that allows electricity to flow.

 Be very careful not to shock yourself when fixing an electrical circuit.

  • complement [ˈkɒmpləment] v. 

To complement something or someone is to make them better.

 The wool scarf complemented her lovely eyes.

  • compress [kəmˈpres] v. 

To compress something means to press or squeeze it so that it takes up less space.

 I compressed my clothes to fit into a single suitcase.

  • database [ˈdeitəbeis] n. 

database is a collection of data that is stored in a computer.

 The company has a database of all the names and accounts of their customers.

  • equivalent [iˈkwivələnt] n. 

An equivalent is an amount or value that is the same as another amount or value.

 I worked the equivalent of sixty hours this week.

  • immune [iˈmjuːn] adj. 

When someone is immune to a disease, they cannot be affected by it.

 Children usually get shots to make them immune to certain diseases.

  • input [ˈinput] n. 

Input is information that is put into a computer.

 Type the input into the computer program.

  • intimate [ˈintəmit] adj. 

When a relationship is intimate, the two things are very closely connected.

 I only tell my secrets to my most intimate friends.

  • magnet [ˈmægnit] n. 

magnet is a piece of iron or other material which attracts iron toward it.

 I used a magnet to pick up the nails that were scattered on the floor.

  • metabolism [məˈtæbəlizəm] n. 

A person’s metabolism is the way chemical processes in their body use energy.

 If you exercise every day, your metabolism speeds up.

  • microchip [ˈmaikrouˌtʃip] n. 

microchip is a small device inside a computer that holds information.

 I can put more data on my computer if I buy a more powerful microchip.

  • phase [feiz] n. 

phase is a stage in a process or the gradual development of something.

 The first phase in the recycling project involves finding volunteers to help out.

  • pinch [pintʃ] v. 

To pinch means to take a piece of skin between one’s fingers and squeeze.

 I pinched my nose, so I couldn’t smell the odor from the garbage.

  • prevalent [ˈprevələnt] adj. 

When something is prevalent, it is common.

 Growing a beard is more prevalent behavior in men than women.

  • quantum [ˈkwɒntəm] adj. 

When something is quantum, it relates to the behavior of atomic particles.

 The physics student studied quantum mechanics.

  • ratio [ˈreiʃou] n. 

ratio is a relationship between two things expressed in numbers or amounts.

 The boy to girl ratio is one to three.

  • spiral [ˈspaiərəl] n. 

spiral is a shape which winds round and round in a larger and larger circle.

 A strand of DNA looks like two interlocking spirals.

  • viral [ˈvaiərəl] adj. 

When something is viral, it is a disease or infection that is caused by a virus.

 The girl was in bed fora week when she had a viral infection.

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