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Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 30 Vocabulary Test

Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 30 Vocabulary Test

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  • charisma (adj. charismatic)
  1. a special quality that endears other people to the person who has this quality

She has charisma that no other candidate possesses.
John F. Kennedy was known for his charismatic personality.

  • clever (adv. cleverly; n. cleverness)

adj. intelligent; resourceful
syn. astute

Everyone appreciated their clever idea.
His cleverness enabled him to rise quickly in the organization.

  • convince (adv. convincingly; adj. convincing)
  1. to make someone see things your way

They could not convince the girls to go to the dance with them.
The video made a convincing argument for the recycling of paper and plastic materials.

  • endure (adj. endurable; adj. enduring; n. endurance)
  1. to last; suffer pain

How he is able to endure living next to the airport is beyond my comprehension.
The endurance displayed by the athlete gave evidence of his rigorous training.

  • forfeit (n. forfeit)
  1. to give up; have something taken away, usually by rule or regulation

You may have to forfeit your home country’s citizenship to become a citizen of another country.
The forfeit occurred because not enough players showed up.

  • precarious (adv. precariously)

adj. not safe, firm, or steady
syn. hazardous

The diver put himself in a precarious situation among the sharks.
The cup was positioned precariously on the edge of the table.

  • severe (adv. severely; n. severity)

adj. extreme; harmful
syn. intense

The weather service issued a severe storm warning for most of Michigan.
The severity of his condition will not be known until the test results are studied.

  • sporadic (adv. sporadically)

adj. not consistent; irregular
syn. erratic

The radio communications were subject to sporadic sunspot interference.
Violent storms occur sporadically in the Southwest.

  • stumble upon
  1. discover or run into a person or thing accidentally
    syn. come across

She stumbled upon a lot of interesting information about her research topic.
We might stumble upon deer while hiking in the woods.

  • superior (n. superiority)

adj. excellent quality; above all the rest
syn. exceptional

This is a superior fossil of a trilobite.
The restaurant’s superiority was established shortly after it opened.

  • truncate (adj. truncated)
  1. to shorten; to end something suddenly

The television program was truncated because the soccer match went into extra time.
The publishers of the newspaper asked the writer to truncate her report.

  • wanton (adv. wantonly)

adj. done without thought or consideration; grossly negligent
syn. senseless

Her wanton disregard of the rules was unexplainable.
The jealous man was wantonly impolite to the winner.

  • widespread

adj. found everywhere
syn. extensive

There is a widespread rumor that there will be no class next Thursday.
The political influence of the developed countries of the world is widespread.

  • wisdom (adv. wisely; adj. wise)
  1. knowledge and understanding

It is often said that wisdom is the product of experience.
It was a wise decision for you to buy a car.

  • witticism (adv. wittily; adj. witty; n. wit; n. wittiness)
  1. a joke; a funny story

His witticisms captivated the audience.
Mark Twain was famous for his sharp wit.

  • woo
  1. to make efforts to attain or gain something

The directors tried to woo the support of the union.
The opponents of the proposed highway wooed nearby residents to defend their position.

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