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Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 28 Vocabulary Test

Essential Words for the TOEFL Lesson 28 Vocabulary Test

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  • aggravating (n. aggravation; v. aggravate)

adj. making worse; annoying
syn. irritating

The aggravating delay was caused by road repairs.
The shortage of work aggravated the crisis in the small town.

  • amusement (adv. amusingly; adj. amusing; v. amuse)
  1. something that holds interest and is enjoyable

We listened in amusement as he tried to convince his friend to lend him $50.
His amusing comment made everyone laugh.

  • conceivably (adj. conceivable; v. conceive)

adv. feasibly; believably
syn. possibly

They could conceivably earn first place with their science project.
It is conceivable that humans will travel to distant planets one day.

  • convert (adj. convertible; n. conversion)
  1. to change from one form or state to another

When boiled, liquids convert into gases.
The conversion from Fahrenheit to centigrade can be easily made.

  • curative (n. cure)

adj. being able to restore to good condition
syn. healing

The curative properties of certain plants have been well documented.
There is no simple cure for the ills of society.

  • debilitating (v. debilitate; n. debility)

adj. weakening
syn. weakening

The lack of investment savings has a debilitating effect on the economy.
The patient’s debility limited his mobility.

  • deplete (adj. depleted; n. depletion)
  1. to use up; reduce greatly

She depleted all of her savings to buy the new bicycle.
The depletion of the Earth’s oil reserves poses a threat to our current way of life.

  • finite

adj. of a certain amount; having an end; not infinite
syn. limited

There are a finite number of explanations for the unusual results.
Is there a finite number of stars in the universe?

  • perceive (adv. perceptibly; adj. perceivable; adj. perceptive; adv. perceptively; n. perception)
  1. to sense; become aware of

We perceive major differences between the two political parties.
Porpoises are very perceptive mammals.

  • security (adv. securely; adj. secure; v. secure)
  1. the feeling of freedom from danger, doubt, or worry

Her sense of security increased as her grades improved.
We secured all of the doors of the lab before leaving.

  • singular

adj. the only one of its kind; extraordinary
syn. unique

The platypus is a singular example of a mammal that lays eggs.
Her scientific experiment was a singular success!

  • toxic (n. toxicity)

adj. harmful; capable of being fatal
syn. poisonous

Disposal of toxic wastes is an ongoing environmental issue.
This product has the highest toxicity of any known to science.

  • tranquility (adv. tranquilly; adj. tranquil; v. tranquilize)
  1. calm; quietness

The tranquility of the lake at sunrise inspired a profound sense of well-being.
His tranquil manner of expression made us all feel more secure.

  • trite

adj. overused or lacking originality; commonplace
syn. cliché

He finds the expression “fit as a fiddle” to be quite trite.
She tries to avoid using trite examples and vocabulary in her writing.

  • undeniably (adj. undeniable)

adv. clearly true
syn. absolutely

Of all the planets in our solar system, the Earth is undeniably the most conducive to supporting life.
It is undeniable that he has skill, but he needs to show more initiative.

  • underestimated (v. underestimate)

adj. guessed lower than the actual quantity
syn. miscalculated

The underestimated demand for tickets made the theater manager plan better for the next performance.
The treasurer underestimated the cost of the new furniture.

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