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Essential Words for the TOEFL The iBT Practice Test

Essential Words for the TOEFL The iBT Practice Test

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Essential Words for the TOEFL provides you with a 39-item TOEFL practice test for the reading section of the iBT. This section tests reading comprehension, including specific vocabulary items and whole phrases or words in combination. The ITP TOEFL contains 40–50 items in the Reading Comprehension section, while the iBT contains 36 to 70 items in this section. This test contains the kinds of passages that are likely to be found on the iBT. Each passage is followed by 13 questions. The iBT version contains the same kinds of items found on the paper-based version, plus some additional item formats. Thus, this test will be helpful to you regardless of which version of the TOEFL you plan to take.

After you have studied the vocabulary lessons in this book, take the test in a single sitting. Using a watch or a clock, time yourself when taking the test. Write down on a piece of paper your start time and the time at which you will stop. Allow yourself 60 minutes to take the test. Use the full 60 minutes. If you finish early, go back and check your work.

When taking the test, follow the directions for each question. For multiple-choice questions, circle the correct answer in your book. For other types of questions, do as indicated. Although this test is not administered on a computer, every effort has been made to make it like the iBT version of the TOEFL.

After you take the test, score it using the answer key provided. For each vocabulary item you answer incorrectly, look up the word tested in this book. Try to understand why you made the mistake so you won’t make it again. If necessary, look up the tested word or the options in your English dictionary. This will provide you with additional information on the meaning of the word in different contexts, and perhaps another example sentence demonstrating its usage.

Directions on the practice pre-tests may look similar to those you may see on test day. Since this is an e-Book, please record all of your responses separately.
Good luck!


In this section of the iBT, you will read three passages. Each passage is followed by 13 questions. You should answer all questions on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage. You will be asked to perform a variety of tasks in this section. Read and follow the directions for each test question carefully before you answer. After you have completed this test, you may refer to the Score Conversion Table to determine your approximate iBT or ITP score for the Reading Comprehension section of the TOEFL.

iBT and ITP Reading Section Score Conversion Tables

Number Correct Score

iBT Scale Score ITP TOEFL Scale Score
39 30  
38 29  
37 29  
36 28 67
35 27 66
34 27 66
33 26 65
32 25 64
31 24 63
30 23 63
29 23 61
28 22 59
27 22 58
26 21 57
25 20 57
24 20 56
23 19 56
22 19 54
21 18 53
20 18 52
19 17 51
18 16 50
17 16 49
16 15 48
15 15 47
14 14 46
13 13 44
12 12 43
11 11 41
10 10 40
09 09 38
08 08 36
07 07 34
06 06 32
05 05 31
04 04 31
03 03 31
02 02 31
01 01 31
00 00 31

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