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400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 1 – Food Crops Vocabulary Test

400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 1 - Food Crops Vocabulary Test

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Word List

abandon [əˈbændən] v.

To leave; to give up

To save their lives, the sailors had to abandon the sinking ship.

Parts of speech     abandonment n.

adversely [ˈædvərsli] adv.

In a harmful way; negatively

 Excessive rainfall early in the spring can adversely affect the planting of crops.

Usage tips     Adversely is often followed by affect.

Parts of speech     adversity n., adverse adj.

aggregate [ˈæɡriɡət] adj.

Gathered into or amounting to a whole

 It is impossible to judge last year’s performance without knowing the aggregate sales numbers.

Usage tips     Aggregate is often followed by a term like sumtotal, or numbers.

Parts of speech     aggregate v., aggregate n.

cultivation [ˌkʌltəˈveiʃən] n.

Preparing the land to grow crops; improvement for agricultural purposes

 With the development of land cultivation, hunters and gatherers were able to settle in one place.

Parts of speech     cultivate v.

fertilize [ˈfə:rtilaiz] v.

To supply with nourishment for plants by adding helpful substances to the soil

 This farm fertilizes tomatoes more than any other crop.

Parts of speech     fertilizer n., fertilization n.

intensify [inˈtensəˌfai] v.

To increase in power; to act with increased strength

 Jacob’s long absence intensified his certainty that he should marry Rose.

Parts of speech     intensification n., intense adj.

irrigation [ˌiriˈgeiʃən] n.

The supplying of water to dry land

In dry areas of the country, you can see ditches all over the farmland for irrigation.

Parts of speech     irrigate v.

obtain [əbˈtein] v.

To gain possession of; to get

 After a series of difficult interviews,he finally was able to obtain the job.

photosynthesis [ˌfoutouˈsinθəsis] n.

The process by which green plants make their own food by combining water, salts, and carbon dioxide in the presence of light.

 Oxygen is a by-product of the process of photosynthesis.

Parts of speech   photosynthesize v.

precipitation [prəˌsipəˈteiʃ(ə)n] n.

Water that falls to the Earth’s surface

 In the Pacific Northwest, the high level of precipitation ensures rich, green plant life.

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