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400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 30 – Crimes at Sea Vocabulary Test

400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 30 - Crimes at Sea Vocabulary Test

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Word List

abduction [æbˈdʌkʃən] n.


 Pirates got many crew members by abduction, snatching unlucky citizens from seaport towns.

Parts of speech     abduct v.

coerce [koʊˈərs] v.

To force; to put pressure on someone to do something

 A criminal’s confession is not usable in court if the police coerce him or her into giving it.

Parts of speech     coercion n., coercive adj.

detain [dɪˈteɪn] v.

To prevent someone, for a relatively short time, from going on their way

 The police detained at least 20 men for questioning,but charged none of them with a crime.

Parts of speech     detention n., detainee n.

deviant [ˈdiːvɪənt] adj.

In a style that is not normal and is offensive to many

 The artist based his reputation on creating deviant works of art that disgusted most of the public.

Usage tips     Deviant always implies a bad opinion of someone or something.

Parts of speech     deviant n., deviation n., deviate v.

distort [dɪsˈtɔːt] v.

To twist or misrepresent; to make something seem different from what it really is

 If you hold a pencil in a glass of water, the water distorts the appearance of the pencil.

Parts of speech     distortion n.

intentionally [ɪnˈtenʃnəlɪ] adv.

On purpose, not by accident

 Danny intentionally lost his last golf ball because he was tired of playing.

Parts of speech     intent n., intention n., intend v., intentional adj.

piracy [ˈpaɪərəsɪ] n.

Stealing a ship or taking the ship’s cargo; the unlawful copying of books, CDs, etc.

 Modern-day piracy occurs mostly near groups of small,uninhabited islands where pirates can hide.

Parts of speech     pirate n., pirate v.

predicament [prɪˈdɪkəmənt] n.

A difficult situation, one that is hard to get out of

 College basketball stars face the predicament of wanting to graduate but being tempted by high professional salaries.

smuggle [ˈsmʌgl] v.

To illegally bring things into a country

 The pirate Ben Dewar smuggled guns to British and Indian fighters in North America.

Parts of speech     smuggler n., smuggling n.

villainy [ˈvɪlənɪ] n.

Exceptional badness, as demonstrated by many serious evil deeds

 Fred was not a natural criminal, but he learned all kinds of villainy while being jailed for a minor crime.

Parts of speech     villain n., villainous adj.

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