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400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 27 – The Police Vocabulary Test

400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 27 - The Police Vocabulary Test

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Word List

apprehend [ˌæprɪˈhend] v.

To capture

 The police apprehended the robbery suspect as he tried to get on a bus to Chicago.

Parts of speech     apprehension n.

ascertain [ˌæsəˈteɪn] v.

To make sure of

 The police failed to ascertain that the man they arrested was the Gregory Brown they were really looking for.

Usage tips     Ascertain is often followed by a that clause.Notice that the root of the word is the adjective certain, meaning “sure.”

bureaucratic [ˌbjʊərəʊˈkrætɪk] adj.

Related to a large organization with a lot of complicated procedures

 Before I could speak with the chief, I had to go through a bureaucratic runaround of identity checks and written requests.

Usage tips     Bureaucratic implies that something is inefficient and unnecessarily complicated.

Parts of speech     bureaucracy n.

condemn [kənˈdem] v.

To speak out against something in very strong terms

 Religious radicals condemned the government for allowing alcohol to be sold in restaurants.

Parts of speech     condemnation n.

evidence [ˈevɪdəns] n.

Something that makes the truth of a statement seem more likely

 The most convincing evidence that Garner robbed the store was a videotape from surveillance cameras.

Parts of speech     evidence v., evident adj., evidently adv.

implicate [ˈɪmplɪkeɪt] v.

To suggest that someone was involved in a crime or other wrong behavior

 No group claimed responsibility for the bombing, but the type of explosive used implicates the Heartland Freedom Militia.

Usage tips     Implicate is often followed by in.

Parts of speech     implication n.

inquiry [ɪnˈkwaɪərɪ] n.

An investigation

 The FBI launched an inquiry into the relationship between organized crime and the trucking company.

Parts of speech     inquire v.

intrusively [ɪnˈtruːsɪlɪ] adv.

In a way that brings an unwanted person or thing into someone else’s affairs

 The new consultant from company headquarters appeared intrusively at meetings, staff parties, and other functions where he was not wanted.

Parts of speech     intrude v., intrusion n., intruder n., intrusive adj.

seize [siːz] v.

To take something against its owner’s will

 Federal agents can seize private homes and other property possibly used in the production or sale of illegal drugs.

Parts of speech     seizure n.

surveillance [sərˈveɪləns] n.

A process of watching something or someone for a long time, usually because the person is suspected of something

 Police surveillance of one suspected car thief resulted in the arrest of a whole gang of carjackers.

Usage tips     Surveillance is often followed by an of phrase.

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