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400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 25 – Politics Vocabulary Test

400 Must Have Words for the TOEFL LESSON 25 - Politics Vocabulary Test

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Word List

advocate [ˈædvəkeɪt] v.

To speak out in favor of something

 Some environmentalists advocate removing large dams from the Columbia River.

Usage tips     Advocate is usually followed by a term for a process or action,very often the -ing form of a verb

Parts of speech     advocate n., advocacy n.

authority [ɔːˈθɒrɪtɪ] n.

The power to make decisions, to tell others what to do.

 The governor has the authority to call the legislature together for emergency sessions.

Usage tips     A to phrase often follows authority.

Parts of speech     authorize v., authoritative adj.

bitterly [ˈbɪtəlɪ] adv.

Strongly and with a lot of bad feelings

 Senator Thomas bitterly opposed the movement to design a new state flag.

Parts of speech     bitterness n., bitter adj.

candidate [ˈkændɪdeɪt] n.

Someone who wants to be chosen, especially in an election, for a position

 In most U.S.elections, there are only two major-party candidates for president.

Usage tips     Candidate is often followed by a for phrase.

Parts of speech     candidacy n.

coalition [ˌkəʊəˈlɪʃən] n.

A group of several different groups or countries that are working together to achieve a certain goal.

 Several local churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples formed a coalition to promote understanding among people of different religions.

contest [ˈkɒntest] v.

To challenge

 Dave Roper, who narrowly lost the mayor’s race, contested the results, demanding a recount of the votes.

Usage tips     The noun contest can mean a game, especially one played for a prize.

Parts of speech     contest n.

election [əˈlɛkʃ(ə)n] n.

A process in which people choose officials

 Because of problems with vote-counting four years ago, international observers monitored this year’s election to make sure it was fair.

Parts of speech     elect v., elective adj.

inaugurate [ɪˈnɔːgjʊreɪt] v.

To bring into public office; to start formally

 The U.S. president is elected in November but is not inaugurated until the following January.

Usage tips     When it means “bring into public office,”inaugurate is usually in the passive voice.

Parts of speech     inauguration n., inaugural adj.

policy [ˈpɒlɪsɪ] n.

An approved way for approaching a certain kind of situation

 The policy said that government money could not be given to any private hospital.

poll [poul] v.

To find out a small group’s opinion so that you can guess what a much larger group thinks

 The newspaper polled 500 registered voters and found that only 27 percent were in favor of expanding the city zoo.

Parts of speech     poll n., pollster n.

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