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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 10: Anton’s Great Discovery

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 10: Anton’s Great Discovery

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Word List

  • animate [ˈӕnəmit] adj. 

When something is animate, it has life.

 Rocks and machines are not animate things.

  • classify [ˈklӕsəfai] v. 

To classify things is to put them into groups based on their type.

 The biologist classified the plant as a completely new species.

  • concede [kənˈsiːd] v. 

To concede is to admit that something is true against your wish.

 The student conceded that he had cheated on the test.

  • concept [ˈkɒnsept] n. 

concept is an idea about something.

 I learned some concepts of molecules before working in the science lab.

  • construct [kənˈstrʌkt] v. 

To construct something means to make or build it.

 The men used wood and metal to construct a house.

  • decade [ˈdekeɪd] n. 

decade is a period often years.

 She celebrated her three decades of work with the company.

  • diagram [ˈdaiəgrӕm] n. 

diagram is a simple drawing that explains what something is or how it works.

 By following the diagram, I was able to put the desk together.

  • ferry [ˈferi] n. 

ferry is a boat that carries passengers over short distances.

 The ferry took the people across the lake.

  • handy [ˈhændi] adj. 

If something is handy, it is useful.

 An eraser is handy if you make a lot of mistakes.

  • isolate [ˈaisəleit] v. 

To isolate is to separate one person or thing from a group.

 The teacher isolated the bad child from the class before talking with her.

  • longing [ˈlɔ(:)ŋɪŋ] n. 

longing is a strong feeling of wanting.

 Since he skipped breakfast, he had a longing for food all morning.

  • numerous [ˈnjuːmərəs] adj. 

If something is numerous, there are many of those things.

 It was hard to drive fast since there were numerous holes in the road.

  • particle [ˈpaːrtikl] n. 

particle is a very small piece of something.

 The bottles of wine were covered in a layer of dust particles.

  • plea [pliː] n. 

plea is a request that is urgent or emotional.

 The poor, hungry man made a plea for food.

  • refrain [riˈfrein] v. 

To refrain from something is to avoid doing it.

 The doctor asked Mary to refrain from eating fast food as part of her diet.

  • review [riˈvjuː] n. 

review of something is a formal inspection of it by people in authority.

 The government ordered a careful review of the economic situation.

  • sophisticated [səˈfistəkeitid] adj. 

If someone is sophisticated, they know many things about the world.

 Jake is one of the most sophisticated persons I’ve ever met.

  • surrender [səˈrendər] v. 

To surrender something is to give it up.

 The thief surrendered the money to the police when he was caught.

  • upright [ˈʌprait] adj. 

If something is upright, it is standing up straight.

 Meerkats can’t walk like humans, but they can stand upright.

  • worthwhile [ˈwəːrθhwail] adj. 

If something is worthwhile, it is important or useful.

 On his visit to Canada, he realized studying English was worthwhile.

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