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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 13: The Big Race

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 13: The Big Race

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Word List

  • affect [əˈfekt] v. 

To affect someone or something is to have an influence over them.

 The student’s poor attitude affected the other students in the class.

  • autograph [ˈɔːtəgrɑːf] n. 

An autograph is the written name of a famous person.

 Everybody wanted the movie star’s autograph.

  • bead [bi:d] n. 

bead is a drop of liquid.

 Beads of water collected outside the glass.

  • brew [bru:] v. 

To brew coffee or tea means to pour hot water over it.

 Please brew a fresh pot of coffee.

  • charm [tʃɑːrm] v. 

To charm someone is to please them with your personality.

 Gail charmed everyone with her humorous stories.

  • destiny [ˈdestəni] n. 

destiny is all the things that happen or will happen to a person in their life.

 It was his destiny to become a great singer.

  • horn [hɔːrn] n. 

horn is a device that makes a loud noise.

 The boy honked his horn while he rode his bicycle past the house.

  • irritable [ˈirətəbəl] adj. 

When someone is irritable, they become annoyed or angry very easily.

 She is irritable when she doesn’t get enough sleep.

  • lag [læg] v. 

To lag behind is to move slowly behind other moving objects.

 The girl on rollerblades lagged behind the little girl on the bicycle.

  • maximize [ˈmæksəmaiz] v. 

To maximize something means to make it the biggest in size or amount.

 Businesses try to maximize their profits.

  • nightmare [ˈnaitmɛə:r] n. 

nightmare is a bad or scary dream.

 The girl was scared to go back to sleep because she had a nightmare.

  • nutritious [njuˈtriʃəs] adj. 

When something is nutritious, it helps the body stay healthy.

 Mangoes are one of the most nutritious fruits in the world.

  • protein [ˈproutiːn] n. 

Protein is a substance that is necessary for the body to grow and be strong.

 Fish and beef are good sources of protein.

  • signature [ˈsɪgnətʃə:r] n. 

signature is your name that you have written in your own way.

 I put my signature at the end of the letter.

  • stuff [stʌf] n. 

Stuff is a word used to refer to things without mentioning the things by name.

 We gave a lot of stuff to the charity.

  • subconscious [ˈsʌbˈkɒnʃəs] adj. 

When something is subconscious, it is done without thinking about it.

 Breathing is one of the subconscious things that the body does.

  • van [væn] n. 

van is a vehicle that is used for carrying things but is smaller than a truck.

 The delivery company uses large vans to deliver packages.

  • warn [wɔːrn] v. 

To warn someone is to make them know of possible danger in the future.

 The lifeguard warned people to stay away from the rough ocean.

  • workout [ˈwəːrkaut] n. 

workout is an exercise routine that helps improve health.

 She doesn’t do her workout on the weekends.

  • zoom [zuːm] v. 

To zoom is to move quickly.

 The cars zoomed along the road.

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