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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 14: The Brothers and the Bread

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 14: The Brothers and the Bread

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Word List

  • brick [brik] n. 

brick is a block of hard clay that is used for building things, such as walls.

 There were several bricks scattered on the ground.

  • crumble [ˈkrʌmbl] v. 

To crumble means to break or fall apart into small pieces.

 The old house’s walls crumbled into a pile of rock and wood.

  • dough [dou] n. 

Dough is a mixture of flour and water that becomes bread when baked.

 I made heart-shaped cookies from the dough.

  • express [iksˈpres] v. 

To express a feeling or idea means to show others how one thinks or feels.

 The nurse expressed her sympathy for the sick patient.

  • fist [fist] n. 

fist is a hand with fingers bent in toward the palm.

 The bully made a fist and threatened to hit the small boy.

  • flexible [ˈfleksəbəl] adj. 

If something is flexible, then it can bend easily without breaking.

 The tree branch was so flexible it could be bent into a circle and not break.

  • flush [flʌʃ] v. 

To flush means the face becomes red due to heat, illness, or emotion.

 After the long race, the runner’s face was flushed.

  • injure [ˈindʒər] v. 

To injure someone means to damage a part of their body.

 The car crash injured two people.

  • lump [lʌmp] n. 

lump is a small piece of something that is solid.

 The artist took a lump of clay and turned it into a beautiful pot.

  • mixture [ˈmikstʃə:r] n. 

mixture is something that is made by mixing other things together.

 The walls were built using a mixture of water, rock, and dirt.

  • reconcile [ˈrekənsail] v. 

To reconcile means to return to a friendly relationship.

 After arguing, the two friends were reconciled with each other.

  • ruin [ˈruːin] v. 

To ruin something means to harm or damage it greatly.

 Our walk in the park was ruined by the sudden rain.

  • shatter [ˈʃætə:r] v. 

To shatter something means to break it suddenly into many tiny pieces.

 When the ball hit the window, the glass shattered.

  • shutter [ˈʃʌtə:r] n. 

Shutters are wooden or metal covers in front of a window.

 Mr. Smith closed the shutters every night to make his bedroom dark.

  • sift [sift] v. 

To sift something means to remove all the large pieces.

 The baker sifted the flour into a large bowl.

  • slight [slait] adj. 

If something is slight, then it is small or minor.

 There was only a slight change in the little boy’s height.

  • sparkle [ˈspɑːrkəl] v. 

To sparkle means to shine brightly with quick flashes of light.

 The stars sparkled in the winter night’s sky.

  • sprinkle [ˈspriŋkəl] v. 

To sprinkle means to scatter something all over something else.

 He sprinkled the pasta with salt and black pepper.

  • stale [steil] adj. 

If food is stale, then it is not fresh but dry, hard, and not good to eat.

 The cookies sat on the table so long that they became stale.

  • utter [ˈʌtər] v. 

To utter a word or a sound means to say it.

 The lost boy was so scared that he could barely utter a single word.

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