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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 15: Laika, the Space Dog

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 15: Laika, the Space Dog

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Word List

  • although [ɔːlˈðou] conj. 

You use although to say that one thing is contrasted by another.

 Although she was late, her friends gave her a warm welcome.

  • apply [əˈplai] v. 

To apply something means to put it on.

 She always applies makeup to her face before going outside.

  • await [əˈweit] v. 

To await something means to wait for it.

 The players awaited the judge’s decision.

  • beloved [biˈlʌvid] adj. 

When something is beloved, it is very special and you like it very much.

 The boy took a nap next to his beloved cat.

  • bury [ˈberɪ] v. 

To bury someone or something means to put them in the ground.

 They buried their grandfather under his favorite tree after he died.

  • climate [ˈklaimit] n. 

climate is the usual weather in a place.

 The climate in the desert is very hot.

  • complain [kəmˈplein] v. 

When you complain, you say that you are unhappy about something.

 The workers complained that they were being treated unfairly.

  • confuse [kənˈfjuːz] v. 

To confuse someone means to make them feel like they are unsure.

 The sign confused the traveler because it pointed in two directions.

  • due [djuː] adj. 

When something is due, it is expected to happen or be done at that time.

 The papers were due on the 19th.

  • entire [ənˈtaiər] adj. 

When you talk about an entire thing, you are talking about the whole thing.

 He was so hungry that he ate the entire pizza by himself.

  • establish [isˈtæbliʃ] v. 

To establish something means to create it.

 He wanted to establish a club for people to help the Earth.

  • furnace [ˈfəːrnis] n. 

furnace is a place where heat is made.

 Mr. Jones came to fix the furnace.

  • leash [liːʃ] n. 

leash is a rope or chain that is used to lead an animal.

 A lot of dogs must wear a leash to keep them from running away.

  • mature [məˈtjuə:r] v. 

To mature means to grow up to become an adult.

 When they matured, they became as tall as their parents.

  • measure [ˈmeʒə:r] v. 

To measure something means to find out the quality, value, or effect of it.

 The scientists carefully measured the amount of chemicals in the tubes.

  • midst [midst] n. 

The midst of something is the middle of it.

 She was in the midst of cleaning when the telephone rang.

  • misery [ˈmizəri] n. 

Misery is extreme suffering.

 There was a lot of misery after Sam lost his dog.

  • prior [ˈpraiər] adj. 

When something happened prior to something else, it happened earlier.

 Ron had to wait since he arrived prior to the scheduled meeting time.

  • research [riˈsəːrtʃ] n. 

Research is close and careful study to discover new things.

 Scientists did a lot of research on the subject of blood type.

  • variety [vəˈraiəti] n. 

variety of something is a group of many different kinds of it.

 There are a variety of flowers at the shop.

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