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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 18: The School Play

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 18: The School Play

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Word List

  • accent [ˈæksənt] n. 

An accent is a certain way of speaking that shows where a person is from.

 The new teacher’s accent was clearly a German one.

  • barber [ˈbɑːrbər] n. 

barber is a person whose job is to cut hair.

 My hair is getting much too long. I’d better go to the barber’s shop.

  • basement [ˈbeismənt] n. 

basement of a house or building is a room that is built underground.

 They turned their basement into a game room.

  • blank [blæŋk] adj. 

When something is blank, it does not have anything on it.

 She got a blank paper to draw on.

  • blink [blɪŋk] v. 

To blink means to shut the eyes and quickly open them again.

 I blinked many times so that my eyes could adjust to the bright light.

  • choir [ˈkwaɪər] n. 

choir is a group of people who sing together.

 He had choir practice every day after school.

  • comic [ˈkɒmik] adj. 

When something is comic, it is funny.

 The comic actor was famous for his jokes.

  • complicate [ˈkɒmplikeit] v. 

To complicate something means to make it harder than necessary.

 The bad weather complicated finishing the job quickly.

  • decline [diˈklain] v. 

To decline an offer or invitation means to say no to it.

 She declined his offer to pay for her dinner.

  • errand [ˈerənd] n. 

An errand is a trip taken to do a specific activity.

 He couldn’t go to practice because he had several errands to do.

  • glove [glʌv] n. 

glove is a piece of clothing that covers your fingers and hand.

 When it gets cold, I always put on a pair of gloves.

  • hermit [ˈhəːrmit] n. 

hermit is one who lives alone and does not spend time with others.

 The hermit lived a simple life in a small cave in the forest.

  • justly [ˈdʒʌstli] adv. 

If something is done justly, then it is fair.

 We justly decided to give the prize to him.

  • leather [ˈleðə:r] n. 

Leather is a material made from animal skin that is used to make clothing.

 He got a new leather jacket for his birthday.

  • ponder [ˈpɒndər] v. 

To ponder something is to think about it carefully.

 She sat in the park and pondered her problem.

  • reserve [riˈzəːrv] v. 

To reserve something means to keep it for a certain person or time.

 He reserved a table at the busy restaurant.

  • script [skript] n. 

script is the words of a film or play.

 He read the script of the play three times.

  • search [səːrtʃ] v. 

To search for something or someone means to look for them carefully.

 I searched the newspaper for a new job.

  • slam [slæm] v. 

To slam is to close something hard.

 She slammed the book shut after she finished reading it.

  • staircase [ˈstɛərkeɪs] n. 

staircase is a set of stairs found inside a building.

 The staircase leads directly into the kitchen.

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