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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 20: The Betrayal

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 20: The Betrayal

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Word List

  • betray [biˈtrei] v. 

To betray someone means to treat them in a dishonest way.

 The man betrayed his country when he gave away national secrets.

  • blast [blæst] n. 

blast is a loud noise made by something that explodes.

 There was a loud blast when the police officer fired the gun.

  • bracelet [ˈbreislit] n. 

bracelet is a piece of jewelry that you wear around your wrist.

 My father gave me a pretty gold bracelet for my birthday.

  • cease [siːs] v. 

To cease means to stop.

 After about an hour, the rain ceased, and a rainbow appeared.

  • choke [tʃouk] v. 

To choke means to cough because you have difficulty breathing.

 There was a lot of smoke in the air, and it made me choke.

  • civil [ˈsivəl] adj. 

When an event is civil, it happens inside a country.

 The country was torn apart by a terrible civil war.

  • comment [ˈkɒment] v. 

To comment means to say something that shows your personal opinion.

 Tom commented on the poor quality of the food.

  • cross [krɔ:s] v. 

To cross means to go from one side to the other side.

 We used his boat to cross to the other side of the lake.

  • dent [dent] n. 

dent is damage caused by something heavy hitting something else.

 That blue car hit my car, and now there is a small dent in my car door.

  • distrust [disˈtrʌst] v. 

To distrust someone means to believe that they are not honest.

 Don’t lend money to someone if you distrust them!

  • fort [fɔːrt] n. 

fort is a small building that is specially built to defend an area from attack.

 When the army arrived, they built a big fort on the top of the hill.

  • found [faund] v. 

To found means to bring something into existence.

 The pastor founded his church in the countryside.

  • lining [ˈlainiŋ] n. 

Lining is a piece of cloth that covers the inside of clothes.

 This jacket is very warm because it has a thick lining.

  • mass [mæs] n. 

mass is a large number of things of one type.

 We received a mass of letters this morning.

  • pray [prei] v. 

To pray means to talk to God.

 When people go to church, they pray for their families and friends.

  • rife [raif] adj. 

If a place is rife with something bad, it is very common in that place.

 This part of the country is rife with disease.

  • sole [soul] adj. 

When something is the sole thing, it is the only thing of a particular type.

 His sole purpose in life was to help others.

  • sweep [swiːp] v. 

If you sweep the floor, you clean it with a tool like a broom or a brush.

 There is a lot of dirt on the floor. Can you sweep it please?

  • treachery [ˈtretʃəri] n. 

Treachery is a behavior in which a person betrays a country or a person.

 The man ran away to escape from the treachery of his wife.

  • tuck [tʌk] v. 

To tuck something means to put it somewhere so that it is neat or safe.

 He looked sloppy without his shirt being tucked into his pants.

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