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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 17: Kara Goes Camping

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 17: Kara Goes Camping

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Word List

  • civilization [sivəliˈzeiʃən] n. 

civilization is an organized group of humans that have culture and government.

 Most early civilizations in Central America didn’t use metal weapons.

  • convenient [kənˈviːnjənt] adj. 

When something is convenient, it is easy to do and does not take a lot of work.

 The bus is a convenient way to get to school.

  • den [den] n. 

den is a living space for some types of animals, such as lions.

 The mother lion left her babies in the den.

  • dew [djuː] n. 

Dew is the drops of water that form on the ground outside during the night.

 When we woke up, we saw that the grass was covered in dew.

  • drastic [ˈdræstik] adj. 

When something is drastic, it is extreme or major.

 She made a drastic decision to get her long hair cut short.

  • exit [ˈegzit] v. 

To exit means to leave.

 The students exited through the front door.

  • flock [flɒk] n. 

flock is a group of animals, such as birds, sheep or goats.

 There was one black sheep in the entire flock.

  • fold [fould] v. 

To fold is to bend something like paper or cloth so that it takes up less space.

 I folded the paper and put it in my pocket.

  • lid [lid] n. 

lid is a top for a box or container that can be removed.

 He lifted the lid of the box and revealed her present.

  • loom [lu:m] v. 

To loom is to seem very large and often scary.

 The ominous clouds loomed over the school.

  • mighty [ˈmaiti] adj. 

When something is mighty, it is strong and large.

 The mighty wrestler scared all who faced him.

  • mushroom [ˈmʌʃru(:)m] n. 

mushroom is a fungus with a round top. Some are used as food.

 The soup had fresh mushrooms in it.

  • native [ˈneitiv] adj. 

When something is native, it is originating in a certain place or area.

 Avocadoes are native fruits of Mexico.

  • poison [ˈpɔɪzən] n. 

Poison is a dangerous substance that causes illness or death.

 They used poison to get rid of the rats in their home.

  • reed [ri:d] n. 

Reeds are tall and skinny plants that grow in groups near water.

 The sun set behind the reeds of the lake’s shore.

  • shield [ʃiːld] v. 

To shield something is to protect it.

 She shielded her eyes from the sun with sunglasses.

  • stormy [ˈstɔːrmi] adj. 

Stormy describes something affected or characterized by storms.

 The golfers decided to go home because of the stormy weather.

  • sway [swei] v. 

To sway is to move slowly from side to side.

 She swayed while she listened to the music.

  • urban [ˈəːrbən] adj. 

When something is urban, it is related to the city.

 Subways are an important form of urban transportation.

  • wade [weid] v. 

To wade is to walk in or pass through water.

 The child waded in the water at the beach.

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