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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 12: The Sun and the North Wind

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 12: The Sun and the North Wind

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Word List

  • alternative [ɔːlˈtəːrnətiv] n. 

An alternative is something that you can choose instead of your first choice.

 Her first plan to make extra money seemed weak, so she chose an alternative.

  • avenue [ˈævənjuː] n. 

An avenue is a road, often a large one with buildings on each side.

 Drive down this avenue and then turn left to go to the park.

  • belly [ˈbeli] n. 

The belly is the stomach of a person or animal.

 His belly was full because he ate a lot of food.

  • bid [bid] n. 

bid to do something is an attempt to do it.

 He made a bid to become the university’s next president.

  • blow [blou] v. 

To blow means to move air or move something through the air, as in the wind.

 The wind is blowing very hard today. We should stay inside.

  • conflict [ˈkɒnflɪkt] n. 

conflict is a fight between different people or groups.

 The two nations had a conflict over which one could use the water in the river.

  • continent [ˈkɒntənənt] n. 

continent is one of the seven large areas of land on the Earth.

 Asia is the largest continent.

  • current [ˈkə:rənt] n. 

current is a steady and constant flow of air or water in a river or ocean.

 The ocean currents took the ship far off into the sea.

  • disrespect [ˈdisrisˈpekt] n. 

Disrespect is rudeness or a behavior that shows a lack of respect.

 He showed disrespect by arguing with his boss during a meeting.

  • enthusiasm [enˈθuːzɪæzəm] n. 

Enthusiasm is a very strong good feeling about something.

 The crowd showed their enthusiasm for the soccer team by cheering loudly.

  • harsh [hɑːrʃ] adj. 

When something is harsh, it is very unpleasant.

 The desert can be a very harsh environment.

  • lean [li:n] v. 

To lean is to bend the body in a particular direction.

 The woman leaned against the counter because she was tired.

  • meantime [ˈmiːnˈtaim] n. 

The meantime is the time between two events.

 Ted began setting the table. In the meantime, I began preparing the food.

  • mischief [ˈmistʃif] n. 

Mischief is behavior that is meant to trick or cause trouble for people.

 Ben was up to mischief when he persuaded Ken to paint his face.

  • muscle [ˈmʌsəl] n. 

Muscle is a mass of tissue attached to bone that helps you move.

 She went to the gym in order to make her muscles stronger.

  • rescue [ˈreskjuː] v. 

To rescue someone means to remove them from danger.

 The firefighter rescued the man from the burning building.

  • succession [səkˈseʃən] n. 

succession is a number of things that follow one after the other.

 The student said the letters of the alphabet in succession.

  • terrain [təˈrein] n. 

The terrain is the land and all of its physical features or parts.

 The terrain below was rocky and full of hills.

  • timid [ˈtimid] adj. 

If someone is timid, they are afraid, shy, or nervous.

 The timid child hides behind her mother whenever she sees a stranger.

  • violence [ˈvaiələns] n. 

Violence is forceful action that is meant to injure or kill people.

 The boy hit his brother in an act of violence.

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